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Top electric broom stick vacuums in 2019


We’re quite sure cleaning is not your favorite free time activity, but with the help of the right tools and products, you can make the entire process more bearable. And, while finding the best electric broom stick vacuum should be your priority, we get that you may not always have the time for such a quest. As such, we decided to conduct our own thorough research and came to the conclusion that a reliable cleaning tool is the Dyson V7 Animal. The cordless design allows up to 30 minutes of continuous use before recharging and up to 6 minutes of fade-free power when using the MAX mode. It comes with a powerful V7 motor to pick up more dirt and dust and it is perfect for daily cleaning. If this device is not available for sale right away, a good alternative would be the Makita XLC02R1B.

A short buying guide

Buying a good electric broom stick vacuum could take a lot of time mainly because there are plenty of options on the market for all tastes and pockets. Therefore, we decided to make your life easier and came up with a short buying guide that includes all the features you should look for in such a cleaning tool.


Lightweight and compact design

One of the essential features you need to take into account is the product’s dimensions. An excellent cleaning tool should be lightweight and portable so you could easily pick up dust and debris from all around the house.

The small dimensions of the product will also allow you to store it even in the smallest closets along with other useful cleaning products. Moreover, using a lightweight and compact electric broom will lower the risk of hand fatigue and back pains.


Powerful suction

You also have to look for a product with a powerful motor. Even though you use the broom for daily cleaning, it should be reliable enough to help you get rid of dust, debris, dirt, and pet hair without a problem. Bear in mind that some cheap electric broom stick vacuums could easily break or may become useless when dealing with hard stains or various types of floors.


Corded vs. cordless design

Each of these products comes with its perks and downsides, so find the one that best fits your requirements. Cordless stick vacuums are battery operated and can be used anywhere you want. However, you won’t enjoy more than 30-40 minutes of continuous suction power, and you’ll have to spend time waiting for the product to recharge.

On the other hand, regular corded vacuums will allow you to finish cleaning faster but might not be able to reach the narrowest corners of your house or the ceilings.

So, if you still have doubts about which type of product would be best for you, we suggest you check some online electric broom stick vacuum reviews and read the opinions of verified customers.


Best rated models


The best-rated stick vacuums are showcased below. In the selection process, we considered the previously mentioned features, as well as the overall opinions of the customers.



Dyson V7 Animal


The product provides powerful suction thanks to the V7 motor. It is specifically engineered to pick up dirt and fine dust from various types of surfaces, including carpets and hard floors. Therefore, you can use it for daily cleaning jobs all around the house.

The cord-free design allows up to 30 minutes of battery autonomy so you can take the product with you anywhere you want.

It is great for cleaning kitchen floors, tiles, and even the interior of your car, without having to worry about power sockets or short cords.

The item is lightweight and versatile and comes with numerous useful cleaning accessories for all types of surfaces and places.

The stiff nylon bristles will get into the carpets to help you get rid of deep-down dirt, while the crevice tool is perfect for cleaning out dust and dirt from your furniture.

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Makita XLC02R1B


This item is excellent for maintaining your house clean on a daily basis. It will help you remove pet hair, stains, debris, and dust, and, thanks to the cordless design, it can be used anywhere you want, inside or outside the house.

The battery only lasts around 15 minutes per charge so you may end up spending a lot of time you want to use the item to clean the entire house thoroughly.

However, the item comes in handy whenever you spill something or when you want to get rid of the pet hair from the sofa.

The product is lightweight, compact, and very portable, which makes it easy to use.

It won’t cause hand fatigue or back problems, and you can use it just with one hand.

Thanks to its bagless cloth filtration system you won’t have to touch any dust bins and replace them whenever they’re full. With just a few moves, you can release the debris directly into the trash bin.

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Eureka Blaze 3-in-1 Swivel NES210


The item is very lightweight and compact, weighing just 4 pounds. Therefore, you can take this Eureka cleaner anywhere you want. Its sleek design ensures in-depth cleaning on all types of surfaces, no matter how narrow they are. As such, you can use this vacuum to remove dust and debris from ceilings, narrow corners or behind your car seats.

The high-performance capture nozzle will pick up larger debris easily without pushing it aside like other products. The item can be used on a wide variety of floors, including rugs, low pile carpets, tiles or hardwood floors.

The powerful motor is perfect for picking up dust, debris, and even fine particles of pollen, while the washable filtration system will improve the air quality in the room and fight allergies caused by dirt or pollen.

We also liked the XL dust cup that can hold more dirt to eliminate frequent trips to the trash can.

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