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Top electric brooms from Electrolux in 2018


If you wish to discover the best Electrolux electric broom that you can purchase for a decent price and that offers plenty of value, but you lack the necessary time to do a thorough research, you have come to the right place. We have gone through the most reliable customer reviews, have analyzed the features and functions of the best products for sale in this category and have managed to find the best cleaning instrument that we can recommend today. An excellent option for you right now is the Electrolux EL2095A. This is a cordless vacuum that features the Lithium Ion Brushroll Clean Xtra technology that helps you keep your house spotless. It comes with an extended run time so that you might manage to clean the entire house at once, without needing to recharge it to complete the task. In case you cannot find this product available for sale right now, you can rely on the Electrolux Ergorapido EL2055B as the second-best alternative.


A.1 Best Electrolux electric broom


A short buying guide

The Electrolux brand has been known for developing revolutionary cleaning products that satisfy the cleaning needs of any modern home. Little wonder then that one can select from a range of the best Electrolux electric broom models available on the market. These aspects distinguish Electrolux electric brooms from the rest.



The best Electrolux electric broom offer genuine value for money by providing multiple uses for cleaning messes around the home.

Some models are two-in-one units that convert from a stick vacuum to a handheld vacuum, making them awesome for cleaning bare or hardwood floors as well as the interior of a vehicle. Those models come with a stair cleaning handle for up and down cleaning, as well as a revolving brush roll that allows easy switching between the carpet and the bare floor and other surfaces in your living space, including countertops and upholstery. This will enable you to clean on and above hardfloor surfaces quite easily using just a single machine.


Ease of Use

The brand has outfitted its vacuum cleaners with an easy-to-use cleaning head to facilitate thorough and visible cleaning. Lightweight stick vacuums are equipped with a swiveling head that goes around and under furniture aided by a reclining handle. Heavy-duty machines as well as the lighter ones have a motorized brushroll window that makes it effortless to view the roller brush, so users can determine whether the component has to be cleaned out of collected hair.

Knobs and buttons are within easy reach and offer hassle-free control. Most of the best electric broom models from the brand also come with highly useful accessories including a crevice tool and upholstery brush, for customized cleaning.


Best rated models


Electrolux offers award-winning cleaning tools that simplify the task of keeping your floors and other surfaces free from dirt, debris and messes. There are a variety of models to choose from, each with its own high-rated features and functionalities. Choose one of these three top selling machines to beef up your cleaning equipment collection.



Electrolux EL2095A


What makes this product stand out in comparison to similar items on the market is the fact that it is equipped with a strong Lithium Ion battery and that it can be used both as a stick vacuum and as a handheld broom, according to your personal preferences.

Given it is lightweight, the device is easy to lift or carry around the house while doing the cleaning. The high degree of maneuverability is also due to the flexible tubing located on the back.

One important thing in regards to this type of vacuum is the integrated Brush Roll Clean Technology which allows you to remove tangled hairs from the brush roll and deposit them directly in the dust cup with the simple touch of a button. This way, you forget about the mess some device make after finishing the vacuum process.

Because of the Lithium-Ion battery type, the charging takes less time to complete therefore you can use the machine every time you need to clean the mess or remove the furniture dust.

Additionally, the 180-degree swivel head helps you twist and move easily around the house without having to bend. You can use this electric broom for cleaning a variety of surfaces including hardwood floors.



Thanks to the unique Brush Roll Clean Technology, this electric broom enables you to remove clogged hairs conveniently, straight into the dust cup just by pressing a simple button.

The 180-degree orientation of the swivel head allows users to twist and turn around their home furniture without too much bending.

Because the unit has been outfitted with a Lithium-Ion battery, the charging process is extremely fast which means that the item is ready to use no matter the situation.

Easy to carry and lift, this product is suitable for all people and can be stored easily in a small place anywhere in the house.



Although this vacuum is of top notch quality and delivers perfect cleaning, some buyers feel that an alternative to the battery charging process would come in handy. This happens because the unit must stay on while in charge. Nevertheless, the issue doesn’t affect their positive reviews nor their purchase option.

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Electrolux EL2055A


This electric vacuum model from Electrolux comes with a 180 degree EasySteer maneuverability that makes it easier to clean the tight corners between the furniture.

Besides, the crevice tool and the added dusting brush allow you to clean a variety of surfaces, including flat ones and even stairs.  

The Lithium-Ion battery type ensures that the product is charged in 4 hours. Once powered on you can use it to clean the house for more than 20 minutes. This way, you get to clean every spot without having to worry about power sources.

Given the fact that this is a 2 in 1 device, you can use it as a stick vacuum for cleaning floors or as a hand broom to remove the dirt from beds, sofas or kitchen tables.

Because the unit is bagless and specially equipped with a cyclonic system, the entire suction power is filtered in order for you to benefit from a clean home, without impurities.

Plus, the wide cleaning path of the vacuum lets you cover a larger area every time you swipe it, therefore, reducing the time you spend doing house chores.



Equipped with a top-notch Lithium-Ion  battery, this cordless vacuum does a great job of cleaning almost any type of surface for more than 20 minutes without the need of a power source.

The 180-degree EasySteer feature makes the cleaning process easier and increases the maneuverability around the corners of the furniture.

What’s more, the device can be used as a stick for sweeping floors or as a hand device, for removing the dust or dirt from tables, sofas or even ceilings.

As a result of this model being a bagless model, there’s no need to invest in other accessories. Plus, the filter keeps the air dust free and adds a fresh odor inside the house.



Even though the majority of those who have bought this product say that it is made from high-quality materials and enables them to clean their home efficiently, there have been reviewers who have suggested that a light at the bottom of the vacuum head could have come in handy. This feature would have been appreciated in low-light conditions.

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Home Care 169B3


3.Electrolux Home CareProviding efficient cleaning anywhere in the home, the Electrolux Home Care 169B3 is lightweight at just 4.4 pounds. It is a two-in-one device that converts to a hand vacuum for cleaning areas above floors. Use the handheld vac to clean drapes, upholstery, the couch and cushions as well as inside your car.

The handheld vac can also provide convenient quick pick up of messes around the house. This versatile machine carries a bagless design that eliminates the need to make repeated purchases for replacement bags, saving you money for maintenance costs.

The stair cleaning handle facilitates use of the vac on stairs, so you won’t have to use a regular broom to handle every surface.

The revolving brush roll enables effortless switching from the carpet to the bare floor, eliminating the need to make tedious adjustments to the vacuum system just to get optimal cleaning results.

The dust cup empties easily into the trash bin as it conveniently releases contents from the bottom. For such a small machine, the Electrolux Home Care 169B3 features good suction ability for light messes.



If you’re in the market for a product that allows you to clean the floors in your home without really making an effort, you ought to consider this one. It is particularly easy to utilize.

The bagless design of this alternative enables you to save money that you would otherwise have to spend on consumables.

Based on what we have found about it, this model doesn’t appear to make a lot of noise, which is why it is recommended for people who might be bothered by ear-splitting appliances and devices.

Another advantage of opting for this product instead of another is that it can be converted to a hand vacuum, which means that you won’t have any trouble cleaning the interior of your car aside from any other surface in your home.



As some customers have noted, despite the many advantages it offers, this unit remains an electrict broom. If you have a lot of debris to clean, own pets, and practically have no bare floors in your home, you ought to order a real vacuum instead of a portable choice like this one.

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Unavailable products


Ergorapido EL2021A


1.Electrolux Ergorapido PlusDesigned with a lightweight 5.5-pound build, the Electrolux Ergorapido EL2021A is a two-in-one machine that serves as a stick vacuum for bare floor cleaning, and also a handheld vacuum to clean surfaces above the floor.

Use it to give your car’s interiors a brush up. Utilizing Brushroll Clean Technology, the machine removes hair tangled in the brushroll with just a touch of a button, so the stick vacuum can go on to finish the cleaning task in no time.

The 12-volt nickel metal hydride battery powers the machine to deliver variable speeds according to the preference of the user. The battery provides an extended run time so you can cover a wider area between charges.

The head swivels 180 degrees to twist and turn around furniture and corners effortlessly, so you won’t have to carry the machine when cleaning the various areas in the house. The supplied crevice tool is perfect for tight areas and above-floor surfaces including window and door frames, drapes, upholstery, couch corners and more. The dusting brush removes crumbs and pet hair from upholstery, cushions and drapes.




Ergorapido EL1061A


2.Electrolux Ergorapido BrushrollEmploying the revolutionary Brushroll Clean Technology, the Electrolux Ergorapido EL1061A is able to remove tangled hair from its roller brush with just a push of a button, depositing it into the dust cup in seconds so the machine is ready to go in no time. This combo stick vac also functions as a handheld vac for above floor cleaning.

The handheld vac can be used to clean the drapes, cushions, upholstery, countertops, couch, and even the interior of your vehicle. The LED headlight illuminates the cleaning surface, so you can see under furniture and ensure that every surface is covered. The cleaning head swivels 180 degrees to enable easy maneuverability around furniture legs, walls and corners.

Equipped with bagless cyclonic technology, the Electrolux Ergorapido EL1061A ensures that captured dirt and debris does not contaminate the air. Once captured, the dirt is held by the HEPA filter to prevent it from escaping back into the air.

This is great for preventing allergy and asthma attacks that get triggered while the vacuum cleaner is doing its job. The cyclonic technology also ensures that suction power is consistent from the 12-volt motor. Since it’s bagless, the machine will not incur repeated costs for bag replacement.




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