Bissell Natural Sweep 92N0A Review


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1. BISSELL Natural Sweep


Main advantage


The BISSEL Natural Sweep cleans carpets, bare floors, and almost any surface extremely well without consuming electricity. Its rolling sweepers are amazing at dislodging and picking up unwanted stuff on the floor, with the added bonus of not needing a clunky cord to lug around. The sleek and compact design of the sweeper lets you clean even in the tightest spaces without any problems. Because it lacks a motor, it won’t produce a lot of noise, heat, and vibration regular vacuums tend to produce.



Main disadvantage


Because this sweeper doesn’t have an oversized motor to help it sweep, you will have to go over dusty areas a couple of times before it picks up all the dust and debris. Because of this, the handle of the sweeper experiences the most stress and strain, therefore being the first part to break after years of use and abuse. If you plan on doing heavy duty cleaning on rough, gunky carpets, you’ll need a more powerful vacuum for the job if you prefer not to keep sweeping the same area .

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Main features explained



No Power Sockets Needed

The BISSEL Natural Sweep has no electric components, as it’s built as a hybrid broom and vacuum. It has rolling sweepers that dislodge and collect a lot of items that even other power vacuums have trouble picking up. Instead of relying on a powerful motor to suck up dirt, it relies on dual rotating brushes good enough to pick up small screws, coins, and other heavy items. The dust and debris collected go into twin dirt pans that are also easy to clean and maintain. If you need something you can use to clean carpets, bare floors, and other surfaces without having to plug and lug around a heavy vacuum, the BISSEL Natural Sweep is a keeper.   

3. BISSELL Natural Sweep


Discreet Design

The problem with using vacuums is that they produce a lot of noise, and for the more powerful ones, a lot of heat as well. Furthermore, bulkier vacuums are hard to use around narrow flights of stairs and any other spaces with tight corners. The BISSEL Natural Sweep, on the other hand, weighs just around 4 pounds, has a compact and ergonomic design, and makes very little noise thanks to its motorless design and soft rubber wheels. Because of this, you can continously sweep around the house without worrying about lack of sockets, narrow spaces, etc.


Environmentally Friendly

Regular vacuums not only consume a lot of power, but they are also typically made from non-biodegradable materials that would require replacement as the motor slowly degrades with use. The BISSEL Natural Sweep, fortunately, is made from 100% recycled plastic and will more than likely outlast most vacuums because of its lack of motor that produces a lot of heat and vibration that inevitably fails in a few months or years. You won’t have to replace this sweeper anytime soon, and even when you have to, it doesn’t have a whole lot of parts to dispose of compared to bulky industrial vacuums.


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