Eureka EasyClean 71B Review


Main advantage


Are you tired of heavy and inefficient vacuum cleaners that are hard to carry around and which almost always cause you pains? The greatest advantage of this Eureka vacuum is that it is extremely light and portable.

It weighs less than 5 pounds and can be used to thoroughly clean your home, garage or car. The super lightweight design allows you to easily carry the vacuum using only one hand. This means you’ll be able to finish cleaning faster and without worrying about back or shoulder pains anymore.


Main disadvantage


Although most of the customers who purchased the item agreed on its convenient design and incredible suction power, some complained about the poor quality of the accessories. The brush designed to gather pet hair will eventually get clogged no matter how much you insist on cleaning it after each use.

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Main features explained


Two different motors

Although most vacuum cleaners are only powered by one motor, this Eureka product is different. It comes with two different motors, one for suction, and the other one for the brush, which allows a more thorough cleaning. It will also reduce the chance of breaking as it doesn’t use all its power on two different tasks at the same time.

The incredibly high power suction will easily pick up dirt and debris from upholstery and carpets. The item represents a price-convenient alternative to heavy-duty professional vacuums. With just a fraction of the cost, the Eureka 71B is perfect for pet owners who want to get rid of all that annoying pet hair once and for all.

Perfect for cleaning various types of surfaces

From cleaning the stairs to getting rid of the dirt on your kitchen counters and the interior of your car, there isn’t too much this product can’t do. The compact design is perfect for cleaning your vehicles as it can reach even the narrowest and tightest corners.

You can also use this product to remove dirt, dust, and debris from hardwood floors, laminate floors, tiles, carpets or stairs. You can attach and detach the roller brush accessory according to your needs. In addition, the item will be gentle to all surfaces in order to prevent scratches and deterioration.


Numerous accessories

This vacuum also comes with a variety of different accessories to ensure a thorough and customized cleaning experience. The motorized brush with an on/off switch is perfect for getting rid of dust and debris on carpets.

Also, the integrated hose features a crevice tool that will reach tight and narrow spaces such as under your car’s seats or between the furniture cushions. This way you can rest assured you will get rid of all the dust and potential bacteria, germs, and pet hair that can cause allergies and breathing problems.

The vacuum also comes equipped with a 20-foot long cord that will provide an extended reach. Thus, you can enjoy cleaning your entire house, including two-story homes or those with large rooms and just a few power outlets.


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