Hoover Max Extract F7412900 Review


Main advantage


Some carpets and rugs are extremely hard to clean, and this is why most of the regular carpet washers won’t stand a chance in gathering all the dirt and delivering shiny carpets. However, with the help of the new Hoover Max, you’ll be able to get more dirt out of your carpets.

The product comes with rotating brushes that surround the carpet fibers in order to lift all the dirt and debris to ensure a thorough cleaning. At the same time, the DualV nozzle gets rid of all the dirty water from the fibers so your rugs will look like new in just a matter of seconds.


Main disadvantage


The main flaw of this rather good and efficient carpet cleaner is its heavy and bulky design. It weighs approximately 27 pounds, which makes it very hard to carry around with you when you want to clean the entire house. And getting it upstairs to clean the carpets from your bedroom will be quite the challenge, especially for those who deal with back pains or arthritis.

If you have a large house and especially one with many rooms upstairs and you’re not eager to haul heavy cleaning equipment around, you might want to opt for a carpet cleaner that is lighter and easier to handle. For small-to-medium houses though, this model might be good for the job.

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Main features explained


A powerful motor

This product is not only extremely efficient but also very powerful. The 12-amp motor comes with a heated cleaning option allowing you to clean the carpets using regular water and soap while drying the surfaces at the same time. As a result, after you finish cleaning, your carpets will be already dry and ready to be put back on your floors once again.

SpinScrub hand tool

Houses often come with narrow corners that are almost impossible to clean with a regular crevice tool. Thanks to the hand-powered tool on this Hoover Max, you’ll be able to easily reach all surfaces around the house, especially the under the furniture area, stairs, or corners.


Plenty of cleaning possibilities

We like that this product offers a customizable cleaning experience for people with different needs. The automatic detergent mixing system offers the best ratio of water and detergent according to the type of rug or carpet that needs to be cleaned, to ensure all the dirt and debris is removed so that the carpet is restored to its original color.

Therefore, you won’t have to handle the mixing part yourself and worry about putting too much detergent and damaging the fabric of your carpet.

The intuitive controls are positioned right at your fingertips, ensuring you easy access to all the cleaner’s commands. Therefore, you can customize your cleaning process and make sure you finish all your household chores on time.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($109.99)




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