Hoover Power Scrub FH05140RN Review


Main advantage


Carpets are some of the most difficult surfaces to clean around the house, especially because they are also sensitive and require special care and detergents. However, this new Hoover Power Scrub cleaner benefits from the revolutionary SpinScrub technology that allows a 360-degree cleaning.

The brushes used spin in opposite directions and they will also constantly maintain contact with the carpet and ensure a thorough cleaning, removing all dirt, debris, surface stains or crumbles. The results are amazing as your carpet will get restored to its original color and will look bright, clean, and freshened.


Main disadvantage


Not all the accessories included have the same quality as the main cleaning brush, meaning you shouldn’t expect them to last for too long, especially if you plan on using this carpet cleaner on a regular basis. However, some of these accessories are replaceable and people who ordered this product were pleased with its overall quality, design, and cleaning efficiency.

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Main features explained


Lightweight design

As opposed to other products from the same company, the Power Scrub carpet cleaner is significantly lighter, which means it is also more portable. This means that you will be able to easily carry it from one room to another and ensure you reach all the corners and chambers of your house.

The item weighs less than 19 pounds while still benefiting from a powerful motor and a large water tank. And, speaking of the water tank, it is easy to fill, clean, and empty, and won’t cause any additional mess or waste of time. Therefore, the cleaning process is easy, simple, and fast.

Long Hose

We don’t know about you, but for us, one of the most disturbing drawbacks of a cleaning product is not having a long enough cord. This roughly translates in not being able to reach all the corners of your house or clean large rooms. Fortunately, this is not the case with this Hoover Power Scrub product. It features an eight-foot-long hose that allows you to deeply clean the stairs and reach all the difficult and narrow areas of your home.


Fast dry time

Using a carpet cleaner is not always an easy task, especially if you want to get it done thoroughly. All the water and detergents used take a lot of time to properly dry, so putting the carpets back into the house can take up the entire day.

Luckily, with the help of this product, your carpets and rugs will be cleaned and dried at the same. Thanks to the forced heated air function, you’ll get sparkling clean rugs ready to be put inside the house in less than half an hour. As a result, the entire cleaning process will be done faster and more efficiently.


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