Karcher 1.545-12.0 Review


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1.1 Karcher 1.545-121.0


Main advantage


Powerful, durable and easy to operate, the Karcher 1.545-12.0 is the perfect choice when you need to quickly clean up dirt and debris without disturbing others. It is designed for commercial use, and comes with the power you need to keep aisles and entryways clean. It features a long running time and a large capacity dust bin, and is easy enough for any employee to effectively use.



Main disadvantage


While this electric broom from Karcher comes with plenty of suction power for hard surface floors, it is not designed for use on thicker carpeting. It is capable of picking up larger particles on short pile carpeting, but it will not replace regular vacuuming.

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Main features explained




If your business has hard flooring or shorter pile carpeting that sees plenty of traffic, the Karcher 1.545-12.0 might be the perfect choice for you. This electric broom comes with plenty of power that will effectively pick up dirt and debris without disturbing customers. It is capable of suctioning up popcorn, pet hair and clumps of dirt without any problems, and will keep entryways and aisles clean throughout the day. Since the electric broom is cordless you aren’t restricted by the length of the power cord, and you also don’t need to worry about customers accidentally tripping over it when you are sweeping. With this electric broom from Karcher your floors will always be clean so your business can make a great impression on your customers.

1.3 Karcher 1.545-121.0



This electric broom comes with the durable construction that is needed for commercial applications. It can easily take the minor abuse that is common with multiple users, and your employees will appreciate its convenient and easy to use design. The controls are clearly marked and placed for easy access, and the 1.545-12.0 features a comfortable ergonomic design. The 12 inch sweeping head will quickly cut a wide path through dirt and debris so you can finish sweeping soon without interrupting the business, and it also comes with an universal joint for convenient storage. You will also appreciate the wheels which are designed to not leave any marks on the floors, along with the protective bumpers that prevent the electric broom from scuffing the walls or baseboards.



What really sets this electric broom apart from other models is its long lasting, rechargeable battery. The included battery is designed to hold a charge longer, which makes it the perfect choice for most commercial applications. The 1.545-12.0 can run for up to 45 minutes on hard floors and can give you 30 minutes of power on low pile carpeting. This gives you enough time to effectively clean aisles between movies or quickly sweep up a busy entryway. Designed for use in hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, classrooms, and anywhere else small dry spills and assorted debris might need to be quickly and efficiently vacuumed up without disturbing others, this cordless electric broom might be just what you need to help keep your business looking its best.


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