Are You Ready For A Truck Camping Trip? Here Are All The Essentials

Last Updated: 15.09.19


Maybe you don’t need sweepers brooms with you when you go camping in your truck, but that doesn’t mean that there’s not a boatload of essentials that should be on your list. From a truck tent that’s pretty much a given, to the kind of stove you will use to cook food and heat water, this list contains it all.

Make sure that you never forget behind something that will prove indispensable later. The last thing you need when you go camping is to be deprived of some everyday conveniences. This alone could ruin your trip, which is why you should be well prepared.


A foam mattress (or two)

The flatbed portion of your truck is not exactly ideal for sleeping directly on it, and even if you may consider placing a blanket on top, you’ll still have a hard time, pun intended. Therefore, one of the essentials you should never leave home without is a foam mattress.

The idea is to have a mattress large enough to accommodate you and your partner. Why should you choose foam? Mainly because it can offer better comfort and is always lightweight compared to a spring model.



A truck tent

Sleeping in your truck is an idea, as mentioned earlier, but if you want to enjoy a bit more space, and also have more of a camping experience, consider setting up a tent. Get a truck tent, as these will increase the space you have at your disposal, but without having you stay away from your vehicle.


Camping chairs

To enjoy your surroundings like a real camper, nothing beats a comfortable chair. There are plenty of models sold by manufacturers on the market, and you can have your pick. Foldable chairs are all the rage because they are easy to pack with the rest of your camping essentials.


A fan

If you plan to go camping in places where high temperatures can be a problem, it would be a good idea to take a fan with you. One that is battery-operated is ideal, for obvious reasons.


A solar shower

Some people might argue against this being essential for camping, but if you plan on spending some time out in the woods, it would be great to have some portable shower with you. One that uses the power of the sun to warm water is just what you need.


Antibacterial wipes

With limited possibilities to wash your hands any time it’s needed, you should consider packing plenty of antibacterial wipes with the rest of your luggage. They will keep you protected from invisible critters, and they will offer you the possibility to have your hands clean each time you want to have a meal.



A bug net

Insects can be a serious issue, regardless of where you go camping. Of course, some areas have more problems than others, with mosquitoes trying to attack innocent campers in throngs. While you can bring anti-bug spray and cream with you, don’t forget to bring a bug net with you, too.


Plastic boxes

They are lightweight and ideal for keeping everything organized. Since there are so many little things you must bring with you on a camping trip, it is a good idea to know where they are and how to get to them fast.


A propane stove

With no grocery stores in sight, campers must be able to cook their own food or at least, heat water for tea and coffee. The best choice for your needs would be a propane stove. It works with disposable propane cylinders, and it is very versatile. Of course, you won’t have able to bake pastries with it, but, otherwise, you will get all you need for cooking basic meals.


A water tank

Just like the food that won’t come from a convenience store, you will also need to think about water. A sizeable water tank should be on your list of priorities. As always, you should decide the size and how you are going to accommodate it with the rest of the things you need to bring along.


A water purifier

While you can bring water with you for drinking and cooking, that can be a bit cumbersome, so it’s good to have an alternative. In case you camp somewhere near a body of water that could be used for human consumption, but you’re not 100% sure you want to test it on your health, bring a water purifier with you.


A cooler

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a cold beer or other beverages while lazing around in a camping chair? For that, you need the right item, and a cooler is right up your alley. Always check coolers on sale for size and capacity so that you can tell which one is the best fit for your needs.


A GPS unit

As you might have to take long winding roads to get to your destination, you should consider getting a GPS unit. With its help, you will find alternative routes, or the best one, and you will never get lost.


Jumper cables

If you already have a dual battery setup, jumper cables are a bit extra. However, if you happen upon a fellow camper who is in dire need of a starter kit, you could lend a helping hand without a problem.


A universal 4-way cross wrench

In case you have a flat tire, you should be adequately equipped for replacing it. One essential tool that you should never leave home without is the one mentioned above.


All-purpose footwear

For the sake of minimizing the amount of luggage you take with you, you should opt for all-purpose footwear. If you plan to go hiking or climbing, that’s something to consider, as you will need some sturdy shoes for such activities.


Batteries and a power bank

Since a lot of the things you take along with your will need batteries or to be recharged, there is always advisable to have plenty of spares, plus a power bank. This way, your smartphone will never go out of juice.




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