Armor All AA255 Review

Last Updated: 17.07.19

Main advantage


Capable of picking up both wet and dry debris, the Armor All AA255 model is one of the most critically acclaimed alternatives in this line. It cleans up both liquids and solids, and the tank that it is outfitted with can hold up to 2.5 gallons of liquid. The 6-amp motor it has been equipped with provides you with more than enough performance, especially if you need this particular option for cleaning out your work space or your basement, for example.

The model is accompanied by a six-foot hose as well as a ten-foot cord, so the power cable should give you enough freedom to maneuver this vac around your room in a convenient and effective manner.


Main disadvantage


The only drawback that we were able to discover in relation to this product is the fact that it cannot be plugged into your car. Therefore, you’ll have to use an outlet in your garage if you’re interested in utilizing this wet and dry vac for cleaning the upholstery of your automobile, too.

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Main features explained



This little vacuum can be used pretty much anywhere as long as there is a power outlet in the area. It doesn’t weigh in a lot and it measures 14.10 by 10.37 by 14.36 inches. On top of everything, it comes with a 10-foot power cord, and that eliminates the need for you to have to use extension cables. The hose measures six feet, too, so you can take advantage of that, as well.

Convenience and ease of use

When you are in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, you’re probably searching for the one that best suits your needs and preferences, but also your physical attributes. What do you want to achieve with your new vac? Well, you’ll be glad to know that this one can be used to pick up both solids and liquids, which obviously adds to its versatility.

You don’t need any replacement bags with this product, either, because it comes with a convenient 2.5 gallon tank that holds the debris that this appliance sucks from the floor of your car or your home.



While with other vacuums, you’d have to spend extra money to be able to get the right accessories separately, that doesn’t apply in the case of this one right here. It’s accompanied by a crevice tool, a blower nozzle, a deluxe car nozzle, a detail brush, as well as a two-in-one utility nozzle. Furthermore, you’ll be glad to know that the box also includes a reusable foam sleeve as well as a cloth filter.

Finally, there’s the matter that this product is backed by a two-year warranty, so do get in touch with customer service if you run into any issues in that time span.


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