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Top Bissell carpet cleaning solutions in 2019


If you’ve recently started to look for the best Bissell carpet cleaning solution for sale, you are probably impressed with the thousands of possibilities on the market. The 21st-century customer doesn’t have the time to spend the entire day either cleaning or looking for a good Bissell solution for cleaning carpets. In case you lack the time to go through thousands of Bissell carpet cleaning solution reviews, the favorite consumer choice is the Bissell 78H6B Deep Clean Pro 2X because it contains at least twice the cleaning agents as most of the formulas, it has a formula that both cleans and protects and it is a safe product that has gone through thorough research. However, if this product is out of stock when you place the order, a feasible Bissell carpet cleaner solution for pets is BISSELL Pet Deep Cleaning Formula Kit.



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A short buying guide

While the market for cleaning solutions has clearly expanded during the past few decades, reaching a point of abundance, it hasn’t become any easier to find the best product when you’re looking for one. Because our researchers are devoted to giving you the best hands-on solutions, we’ve extracted, through our thorough market research, the most relevant features to look for when buying a new carpet cleaning solution.

Although people’s needs are very different, if you are on this page it means that you’re looking just for what we’re showcasing below.


Cleaning formula

We don’t all need to go through an advanced chemistry course to get this one right. It’s enough to look for a combination of guaranteed results that allow any possible consumer to make the right choice in terms of output. The formula of your carpet cleaner will have to be efficient enough to allow you to get rid of a various type of stains. You want to make sure that this covers not just the general dust that may get stuck on your carpet, but also anything that can be spilled by accident, from wine to coffee or fatty liquids.

In addition to that, the cleaning formula is also responsible for the aspect of your carpet, even well after the cleaning was done. From the fluff factor to the way the fabric should resist in time (textile, color, etc.), keeping your carpets’ condition throughout time is something you have to think about every time you clean them.



When it comes to chemicals, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. We recommend paying close attention to the types of substances used in the formula, as well as their safety and recommendations.

Whether different institutions have approved the use of that formula or it has been subjected to research, the safest way to approach cleaning solutions is through an authority that has conducted any type of tests.


Stain protection

While many cleaners will manage to do an efficient job, protecting your carpets from future stains is also important. Some of the formulas have an active ingredient that keeps your carpets from getting soiled.


Best rated models


Each of these three different factors should have a word in your final decision. However, because the theory is sometimes not explicit enough, our specialists have put together the most popular products in this category, as showcased below.



Bissell 78H6B Deep Clean Pro 2X


This cleaning item was subjected to research before being available on the market, and it comes with proven features in terms of cleaning carpets efficiently.

Moreover, it contains twice the number of cleaning agents of a regular carpet cleaning solution, which ensures both an efficient cleaning process and a good maintenance after the cleaning is done. The product is a safe choice, as evaluated by the EPA through a scientific testing process, which recommends it for families, pets, workplaces and the environment.

In addition, the product eliminates unpleasant odors, due to the triple-action formula. The product is created for full-size cleaning machines. If you believe that vacuuming alone is not a good enough option for your home, the Scotchgard protection of this product can come in handy.

The feature places a barrier between the future stains on the carpet and its fibers, thus ensuring a good maintenance. The product is recommended even if it’s the first time you’ve decided to treat your carpets with a special cleaning solution.

Buy from for ($28.13)




BISSELL Pet Deep Cleaning Formula Kit for Upright 


This solution is concentrated, and it is specially designed to efficiently remove stains, soil. The product comes with a Scotchgard protection layer that keeps your carpets from getting soiled after the cleanup.

The product is recommended for pets. Most of the pet owners know that pet stains sometimes take a lot of effort to go away.

However, this product is both very safe for home use in the case of pet owners and very efficient, due to its deep cleaning technique. The formula is created to remove anything from blood to vomit, feces, and urine.

The BISSELL Pet Deep Cleaning Formula Kit for Upright Deep Cleaning is a formula kit that contains three different products: the PowerShot for rugs, an oxygen-based spray that is perfect for colorful or powerfully colored stains, the pet stain formula for your cleaning machine and the enzyme-based pretreat used on organic stains, which works best when covered with a moist towel.

Buy from for ($35)




BISSELL Deep Clean + Refresh with Febreze


This product removes the dirt that is located deep down in the base layer of your carpets, which makes it suitable for dirt that has been there for a long time.

The solution freshens the entire room, as it has a spring scent that will replace any possible odor from your dirty carpets.

In addition, the solution can be easily and safely used in deep cleaning machines. The product has been tested, and it is recommended for diverse types of carpets.

Most of the products out there only eliminate the stain per se but leave behind either the odor or the fabric mark that doesn’t look as it used to.

Unlike those products, this cleaning solution is dedicated to removing all stains in a thorough manner, regardless of their origin, while at the same time it provides you with the spring scent that gives a fresh air to your entire home.

Buy from for ($15.4)




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