Best cordless electric broom for hardwood floors

Last Updated: 26.06.19


Top cord-free electric brooms for hardwood floors in 2019


If you’ve had enough of your noisy vacuum cleaner, and you’ve decided to switch to a cordless electric broom due to its mobility and ergonomic design, you must be dealing with an awful lot of details and options. That is why we have tried our best to fill in the blanks by gathering all the necessary information in this short paragraph for you to make a great acquisition. After extensive research, we have reached the conclusion that the Bissell Perfect Sweep is the best cordless electric broom for hardwood floors because it is fitted with two powerful brushes that can clean anything from crumbs to pet hair stuck in your carpet, it is equipped with a long-lasting battery and it runs on a powerful 7.2 volts motor. If this product is unavailable, you can choose the Shark Cordless Rechargeable Floor & Carpet Sweeper as a second best option.



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A short buying guide

Electric brooms are small and easy-to-use cleaning tools that can sweep the dust away in a couple of minutes, while you just sit behind them moving them back and forth. The advantages, as well as the disadvantages of a broom, typically come from the same aspect: its size. Because of that, an electric broom won’t offer as much suction power as a corded vacuum cleaner, would. However, top products, using smartly designed components, can perform at satisfying levels.

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Suction power

Naturally, an electric broom will never have the same suction power as vacuum cleaners do, due to its considerably reduced size. Even so, they should be designed in such a way to provide you with sufficient suction power. If you’re going for an electric cordless broom, you should definitely pay attention to what it has to offer in that sector. A great product will be able to pick up crumbles stuck in fluffy carpets, remove pet hair, will allow you to clean corners and will deliver enough sweeping power to vacuum even larger debris or messes that are situated at a small distance in front of them. To be sure you end up with the best broom in your hands, it is recommended to pay attention to the following elements: the brushes that the broom comes with, the electric power capacity and the width of the cleaning path.


Adjustability level

Top ranking products in this category need to be highly adjustable. Electric brooms are fitted with a single head, that is not always removable, hence all others elements should offer you great adjustability. Smartly designed products come with telescopic handles or handles that lie flat, to allow you to clean under couches and other furniture pieces. Additionally, the cleaning head needs to be as flat as possible too, to fit in really tiny places and corners, and should be mobile, so that you can steer it in any direction effortlessly. Don’t settle for less, as you will notice that mess in your kitchen’s corners and the dust under your bed thicken if you do. Some products have detachable features that allow you to use the cleaning head without the handle. Do not forget to study the shape of the handle as well, as it will indicate the level of comfort it will provide during cleaning.


Battery lifespan

If you are the owner of a big house, the battery’s lifespan is crucial for this product. They are small cleaning tools and they cannot be fitted with long-lasting batteries, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot find a product that lasts long enough to give you sufficient time to finish your job. Besides, batteries are rechargeable and finding a product with a fast working recharger is better than one that takes hours to bring your broom back to life. In any case, do not expect a cordless broom to clean an entire house without being recharged at least once, but finding a product that can offer at least 40 minutes of continuous running time is possible.


Best rated models


Being well aware of the flaws and qualities that a broom possesses, you can make a wise choice next time when you are looking for one. Anyhow, to help you even more, we have chosen three of the best products available on the market that are fitted with excellent features, all of them mentioned in some of the best electric broom for hardwood floors reviews.



BISSELL Perfect Sweep Turbo


1.BISSELL Sweeper 2880AThe BISSELL Perfect Sweep Turbo Cordless Rechargeable Sweeper impresses by gathering in one product all the qualities that electric brooms for hardwood floors should have. It is equipped with a long-lasting battery that can run without recharging for 1 hour, giving you the possibility to sweep every corner.

The two side brushes are powerful and especially created and positioned to sweep corner mess. They are not connected to the motor, but they turn on when the broom is moved back and forth. The rotation brush is connected to it and it spins when it is turned on.

The product can be converted to a handheld sweeper, that fits into small spaces, while the handle lies down flat so that you are able to reach under the furniture and sweep the dust. The broom can be used on hardwood floors, but works perfectly on carpets as well. It comes equipped with a garbage container that can be easily removed and discharged. Due to its 7.2 amp motor, you can clean larger debris as well.

Buy from for ($39.99)




Shark V2700Z


2.Shark Cordless Rechargeable Floor & Carpet SweeperIf you are looking for an easy-to-use product, but one that has great sweeping power as well, you must give this one a try.

This cordless electric broom can handle any type of debris, storing them in its dust cup. It is equipped with a swivel handle, ergonomically designed to make your hand feel comfortable when using it, and to allow you to maneuver the broom easily and softly. The oval shaped grip makes sure you can hold it in various positions.

Moreover, the broom’s grip ensures improved maneuverability, which allows you to make full use of the 10 inch cleaning path, thus making the cleaning process as easy and as fast as possible.

The lever is adjustable to different height levels, in case your husband wants to do the cleaning as well. The battery needs seven hours to recharge, but you can use it for several sweepings once fully charged.

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Dirt Devil BD20020


3.Dirt Devil BD20020If you’re just looking for a simple broom, for small spaces, like your kitchen that needs sweeping more than once a day, you can acquire this item, that won’t cost you as much as the previously presented products.

Equipped with a battery that keeps your broom running for about 35 minutes, this item is solely designed to sweep one or two rooms in a quick cleaning session. The Dirt Devil model is fitted with a motorized brush that can handle even larger debris, so don’t fear that it might get stuck. Moreover, the swivel handle enables you to reach leftovers or crumbs that have sneaked under your cabinets or cooking machine.

Even if the battery has a shorter lifespan, the lightweight build of this product that weighs less than 4lbs will make sure you get rid of messes in a couple of minutes with almost zero effort. Moreover, the product performs well on all types of surfaces: hardwood floors, tiles or carpets, so if you decide to renovate, you won’t have to acquire another broom as well.

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