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Top cordless electric brooms in 2019


If you are in rush to get the best cordless electric broom and can’t afford to go through all the excellent tips and reviews put together by our research team, all you need to know is summed up in this paragraph. In order to determine the best products, we took into consideration user feedback, expert reviews, reliability surveys and we discovered that the Hoover BH50010 is the best around because of its great performance and functionality. Let’s first talk about performance. Due to the WindTunnel technology employed, the suction is very powerful and no debris and dirt will stand a chance. The brush is made of sturdy bristles that will sweep away all the dirt in their path. You will surely love the 11 inch wide brush that allows you to clean large areas fast and with minimum effort from your part. The model works with 18 volt lithium ion batteries that ensure its reliability. A recharger is included, and a gauge on the unit will let you know when you have to recharge. If the Hoover BH50010 is temporarily unavailable, you should go for the Shark SV1106 as it is almost just as good.


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A short buying guide

Quickly sweep up dirt and debris off your floors with a lightweight cordless electric broom. Designed to be efficient and easy to use, there are several models to choose from. Whether you need one to quickly clean up messes from hard floors or to clean your entire house, the informative tips included in this buying guide can help you pick the best cordless electric broom.



A.1 Best cordless electric broom




Cordless electric brooms can be found at a range of prices, and deciding on a spending limit you are comfortable with can help narrow down your choices. While it is possible to find an efficient model at an extremely affordably price, your budget will also determine which extra features are included with the electric broom.



The best cordless electric broom is designed to be easy and convenient to use. A lightweight construction makes it easier to maneuver the vacuum, and carry it up stairs. Fast recharging times ensures that the electric broom is always ready to be used, and conveniently placed controls are always an advantage.



While your budget will help you determine which features are included with the cordless electric broom, there are a few that you should consider. Adjustable heights on the head let you effectively sweep hard and carpeted flooring, and models that swivel are ideal for cleaning around corners and furniture. Variable speeds are always convenient, and you might want to consider a cordless electric broom with a telescoping handle.


Best rated models


While we can’t choose the right sweeper for you, we can show you the best rated electric brooms so you can easily pick the one that meets all of your cleaning needs.



Hoover BH50010


1.Hoover Linx Cordless StickFeaturing Hoover’s innovative WindTunnel technology, this lightweight cordless electric broom (a top model from Hoover brand) will effectively sweep dirt and debris off of your hard and carpeted floors. It features a lightweight construction that is backed by a limited warranty, and an affordable price that will fit most budgets.

You will appreciate the powerful 18V lithium battery that will hold a charge for an extended period of time, and the included energy efficient recharger is an added bonus. There is also a gauge on the electric broom that indicates when it is time to recharge.

The electric broom can be easily adjusted to match the height of your carpeting, and completely lowered for sweeping dirt off of hard floors. The 11″ wide nozzle makes it easy to quickly vacuum larger areas, and it also helps to prevent messy dirt clogs. With powerful bristles that will clean along baseboards and edges, along with its patented technology this cordless electric broom might be exactly what you are looking for.



This cordless electric broom is powered by an 18-volt Lithium-ion battery that offers enough operating time so you can clean accidental spills without a problem.

The model is an excellent choice for dealing with more stubborn dirt as the Wind Tunnel technology used is working wonders against debris that usually remains stuck to your floors and carpets.

You will have no issues with switching from hard floors to carpets, as you can only touch a button and have the brush roll adapt as the situation requires.

Because of its low profile base, you can reach under furniture and around edges so that you can clean thoroughly any surface.

You will know when to recharge the unit, as the battery indicator will let you know how much energy you have left.



Emptying the dirt cup can be a bit tricky, and some buyers mention the need for a three-step process to get the dirt cup and the filter properly washed.

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Shark SV1106


2.Shark Bagless NavigatorIt is easy to see why this cordless electric broom is a consumer favorite, especially when you consider how easy and convenient it is to use. It is designed to be used on all types of flooring, and you will appreciate its lightweight construction.

The powerful battery only takes 4 hours to recharge so this electric broom is always ready to quickly sweep up dirt and debris off of your floors. The wide head efficiently covers larger areas for a faster cleaning time, and you will appreciate its swivel design when you are maneuvering around furniture and corners.

There are two speeds to choose from, depending on the type of flooring, and you will appreciate the incredible suction power when you are in a hurry.  This model also features a large dust collection cup that can be removed for convenient emptying. Perfect for small messes and cleaning larger areas, it is easy to see why this cordless electric broom is a favorite with consumers.



This model is easy to use and maneuver around the house for fast clean-ups, as it weighs just 7.5 lbs, without sacrificing performance.

The 2-speed brush roll is a nice feature, allowing you to clean both bare floors and carpeted areas, without the need to purchase two different units.

The charger is a handy feature, too, since it serves as a docking station and it takes just 4 hours to charge the battery.

The dust cup is designed to hold a decent amount of debris, and it is easy to empty, which is a great plus.

For pet hair, this model works just as it is intended and can help you clean your home in record time, without any hassle.



The suction hole is on the smaller side, which means that it can get clogged with dirt, and you will have to clean it, to have work again at the best performance possible.

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Electrolux Ergorapido EL2055B


If you are looking for convenience and performance in an electric broom, you might want to consider the Ergorapido by Electrolux. It comes with a powerful 10.8V Lithium Ion battery that will provide you with a long running time, and you’ll love how quickly it recharges. The motorized brushroll effectively cleans all types of bare floors, and the cyclonic system provides you with the power you need to suction up dirt and debris.

Not only will this electric broom provide you with a powerful performance, it is also designed with convenience in mind. Thanks to its cordless design you can easily move around and you never have to worry about finding an electric outlet nearby. The sweeper head comes with “EasySteer” maneuverability so it smoothly turns 180 degrees.

This allows for easy control around corners, furniture legs and along edges. When you need to quickly remove dirt from areas off of the floor simply detach the convenient handheld vacuum. Best of all this vacuum is bagless so empty the dust collection canister is a breeze.



With this electric broom, you get 20 non-stop minutes of cleaning time for just one charge, which is enough for a cleanup of your entire home.

The model serves as a 2-in-1 cleaning device, and it can be turned into a handheld vacuum cleaner, so you can reach more difficult areas that are above the floor.

The bagless technology offers great suction power, and you will not feel like you are sacrificing performance for the sake of portability and low weight.

The EasySteer feature allows maneuvering the brush roll 180 degrees, which means that you will find it simple to operate and navigate corners and other, tough to clean, areas.



The rotating brush is not a great feature, when you want to clean certain types of mess, such as cat litter, as it will just end up flinging it around, as some buyers indicate in their reviews.

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Unavailable products



Eureka 96H


3.Eureka Quick-up Cordless 2-in-1If you simply need a lightweight and dependable electric broom to quickly sweep up small daily messes, this might be the perfect choice for you. Not only is it designed to be efficient and convenient, it also comes at an affordable price that will fit any budget.

The handle can be raised or lower depending on your height, and the 10 inch wide head can easily cover larger areas in a minimal amount of time. The brushes will effective sweep up dirt and debris, and you will love how easy it is to maneuver around the room.

With up to 12 minutes of battery power you have plenty of time to sweep up smaller messes, and keep your floors clean between regular vacuuming. This model also comes with a convenient wall charger for convenient storage in small spaces. Keep your floors clean and spotless without having to drag out your heavy vacuum with this cordless electric broom.



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