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Best Dyson handheld vacuum

Last Updated: 30.04.20


Top Dyson handheld vacuums in 2020


If your time is limited and you can’t afford to go through the buying guide and reviews we have compiled, but you want to find the best Dyson handheld vacuum, this paragraph might be of help. After examining various popular models available for sale and their specs, we have reached the conclusion that the first option to consider is the Dyson V7 Trigger. The cord-free design will allow you to move freely around the house and clean even hard-to-reach surfaces. Thorough cleaning and strong suction are ensured by the Dyson digital motor V7 featured. This further delivers up to 30 minutes of fade-free suction. What’s more, you will get various accessories to cater to your different cleaning needs and the unit weighs only 3.77 pounds, which makes it ultra-portable. Should you be unable to find this model, a reliable alternative in terms of quality is the Dyson V6 Mattress.



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A short buying guide

Finding a good Dyson handheld vacuum might prove to be a time-consuming task since there are so many models on today’s market and so many features to take into account. To help you get one step closer to making the right decision, we have highlighted below some of the most important specs you need to pay attention to.

Design and weight

If you’re interested in a handheld design, there are some features you might want to consider carefully before you place your order. A handheld vacuum should help you enjoy great freedom when cleaning the various surfaces in your home but should not get you tired hands or back pain.

Therefore, consider the weight of the Dyson handheld vacuum you’d like to buy and its design. Since it is a handheld unit, it should fit naturally into the shape of your hand. Moreover, portability is also affected by the weight of the product. Such units usually weigh around 4 pounds, which makes them comfortable to use even for a longer cleaning session.


Cleaning purpose

Vacuums cleaners are available in various shapes and come with different features because one’s cleaning needs are different and multiple. Think of your cleaning purposes. Do you intend to use the vacuum frequently to clean your car, surfaces where there is a lot of pet hair, areas that are difficult to reach, and so on? The answer to this question should help you narrow down the extensive lists of options.

If you have pets, then you might want to consider a model that was designed with such needs in mind. In case you’re on the lookout for a handheld cordless design because you want to use it for your car, make sure the one you opt for will help you do so easily and effectively.


Suction power and other considerations

Your cleaning purposes should also help you make up your mind as far as the suction power needed is regarded. If you want a Dyson handheld vacuum that will help you clean both wet and dry debris and thus pick up both solids and liquids, you might want to go for a high-voltage model that offers a powerful suction.

Also, consider the battery life offered if you choose a cordless vacuum. Think of the time it takes to clean the areas of interest and the battery life provided by the model you buy. A longer runtime usually comes at a higher price. Plus, consider the dirt capacity of the container. It might be uncomfortable to have to empty the container too often and interrupt your cleaning session.


Best rated models


To help you make an informed decision we have compiled a short list of Dyson handheld vacuum reviews below. In the selection process, we have considered the features mentioned above, consumer feedback, and ratings.



Dyson V7 Trigger


If a portable design and strong power suction are the ones you’re interested in, this handheld model from Dyson is worth taking into account. The unit is lightweight and ergonomically designed so you can use it for extended cleaning sessions without getting your hands tired.

It weighs only 3.77 pounds, which means that it won’t just be easy to use it but also to store and transport it. Even if it is light and portable, the vacuum is powerful enough to help you tackle a variety of cleaning tasks throughout your place. It is powered by the Dyson digital motor V7, which will make sure that the suction starts strong and stays so.

The fade-free lithium-ion batteries will further help you with that. Moreover, the unit delivers up to 30 minutes of fade-free suction. The vacuum comes with various tools that will simplify your cleaning process. You will thus get a mini motorized tool to remove ground-in dirt and pet hairs.

The crevice tool will enable you to clean even tight corners and hard-to-reach areas whereas the combination tool is ideal for gentle dusting. The dirt ejector featured will enable you to empty the dirt more hygienically.



Vacuum cleaners should be ergonomically designed and lightweight to let you clean whatever you need for extended periods of time without getting tired, and this device does just that.

Weighing only 3.77 pounds means that you can hold it up and use it with ease.

Despite its small size, this vacuum cleaner packs a punch and has enough power to suck dirt and dust from any place.

It comes equipped with lithium-ion batteries that will allow it to work for up to 30 minutes.

You also get some various tools that will help you in the cleaning process, including a small motorized tool that will help you get rid of pet hair and dirt.

The device has an interesting ejector feature that will help you get rid of the stored dirt fast.



You will have to use it on the max setting most of the time and that drains the battery life.

Buy from for ($199)




Dyson V6 Mattress 


In case you’re looking for a powerful handheld vacuum to help you clean the mattresses in your home, then this model shouldn’t be ignored as it comes with features that will cater to such needs effectively and quickly. The unit was engineered to reduce dust allergens by removing their food source.

Featuring the Dyson digital motor V6, the vacuum creates the powerful suction needed to get deep into the mattress and remove harmful allergens. This is further ensured by the 2 Tier Radial cyclones that increase the airflow and thus catch microscopic allergens and dust particles.

The HEPA filter this model comes with promises to capture 99.97 percent of these dust and debris particles and allergens. What’s more, the product was designed to make sure that the air that leaves the unit is clean. Using it for longer cleaning sessions is possible thanks to the runtime delivered. It offers up to 20 minutes of powerful suction.  

The V6 Mattress comes with various tools in order to make sure that many of your cleaning tasks are covered. The motorized mattress tool used will agitate the mattress fibers to release harmful allergens and thus catch them. You will also get a soft dusting brush.



As the name suggests, this is one handheld vacuum that is great for cleaning mattresses, coming with features that will make that job an easy one.

It’s a great unit for that purpose because it also reduces the dust allergens by attacking their food source directly.

Due to the powerful V6 Dyson digital motor the device is capable of producing great power to suck the debris, dust, and others from your mattress.

It also benefits from radial cyclones that produce a great airflow and in the process they catch dust particles and allergens.

The vacuum cleaner has a filter that is ensured to capture 99.97 percent of all the small particles it gets in contact with.

To get all the cleaning tasks done, the device comes with many other helpful tools.



Using it on the max setting will drain the battery very fast, and it can’t be used while plugged in.

Buy from for ($179.99)




Dyson Cyclone V10


Cleaning your home should not be a burden. At least that’s the idea behind this model from Dyson. The unit was designed to help you clean your place quickly, comfortably, and effectively. It thus features a cordless design as well as the strongest Dyson motor.

The digital motor V10 is made with a ceramic shaft and spins at up to 125,000 rpm, which means you will get to enjoy the suction power usually provided by full-size vacuums. The cleaner promises to provide you with up to 60 minutes of runtime when you use it with a non-motorized tool.

When you use the Torque drive cleaner head and the Suction mode II, you will still get to enjoy up to 20 minutes of fade-free power. Thanks to the three power modes available, you get to select the one that best suits your needs.

You can easily change it to a handheld vacuum so you can clean even hard-to-reach areas or your car. Also, the cord-free design will enable you to move freely around your place when cleaning. Therefore, easy and convenient cleaning and enhanced power are the features you get to enjoy if you go for this model.



It’s a 2-in-1 model because it comes designed as a usual vacuum cleaner but it can be transformed into a handheld model.

The digital motor of this device spins at an incredible speed of 125,000 rpm, and that will generate almost the same suction power as full-sized vacuum cleaners.

This engine is powered by a battery that should let you clean your house for 60 minutes straight.

Even when using the motorized tools, like the torque drive cleaner head, you still get 20 minutes of power.

It comes with 3 power modes, so if you want to save some time you can get it on the max setting to clean everything as fast as possible.

Because it has no cord, you can use it freely around your house, without having to stay near a power socket.



The way in which the dirt-release mechanism operates makes it that dirt will fall on your hand.

Buy from for ($449.99)




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