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Top Dyson stick vacuum cleaners in 2019


Are you interested in getting the best Dyson stick vacuum cleaner, but you don’t want to read the entire research provided by our team? This paragraph has you covered. According to the reviews written by buyers, social media comments, and consumer reports, the Dyson V8 Absolute is the model that should make the top of your list. Providing 40 minutes of continuous operation, this stick vacuum cleaner will help you keep your home well organized and in good working order. The HEPA filter does not let allergens to contaminate the air you are breathing. More powerful than previous models from the same company, this one does an excellent job removing embedded dirt from the carpets. In case the Dyson V8 Absolute is not available anymore, we highly recommend getting the Dyson V6 Motor Head, as it comes equipped with almost the same amount of great features.



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A short buying guide

Dyson is a company well known for their high-performance cleaning tools, so there is no wonder so many people love getting their homes clean using their products. Stick vacuum cleaners present many advantages, which means that getting a model from Dyson will surely help you clean your home fast and easy. The following buying guide is focused on providing you with the best info on how to get the best vacuum cleaner from Dyson that takes up little space and gets the job done.



Why cordless is the best alternative

If you want to get the best out of your stick vacuum cleaner, the best option is to go for a cordless model. Dyson has plenty of models that work without the hassle of cables. These rechargeable models offer superior convenience, as you will be able to move around and clean the entire home without having to plug and replug.

Especially for small cleaning task, you cannot get any better than cordless. Spills and other small accidents will no longer cause little dramas in your home, as you will be able to clean fast and easy.



Because the best Dyson stick vacuum cleaner reviews recommend using a cordless model, we will include here as the second most important consideration the runtime offered by such products. When you need to clean an entire house, you must have a stick vacuum that does not have to recharge mid-way.

Search for models that can offer at least 20 minutes of continuous suction, which is the average time for cleaning an average home. There are models from Dyson that do even better than this, but this is a starting point.


Special filtration

Do not neglect the importance of a unique filtration system in case you suffer from allergies, or your home is presently housing pets. You will learn from the best Dyson vacuum cleaner reviews that a HEPA filter is a must for combating allergens since this particular add-on is capable of catching even the small particles of allergens and dust.


Best rated models


Find the best Dyson electric brooms listed below. Chosen based on the positive feedback from buyers, and their overall performance, these models are all great to have, and they will not disappoint you, no matter which one you choose.



Dyson V8 Absolute


The Dyson V8 Absolute offers a broad range of advantages starting with the fact that is cordless, and it provides high suction power. If you are using the stick vacuum in normal mode, it guarantees 40 minutes of continuous operation, which is plenty for cleaning thoroughly even a larger home. If you attach the motorized tool, the runtime reduces to 25 minutes, but it is still superior to other models on the market.

One thing that makes this model stand out is the HEPA filtration system that is designed in such a manner that all the allergens are captured, for the air in your home to be clean. The company uses a new digital motor on this model to create a high-performance cordless vacuum cleaner, and so far, they did a great job.

The Direct Drive head is created to remove embedded dirt from your carpets. Compared to the Dyson V6 that has, for a long time, served as a standard for superior cordless vacuums, this one has 150% more brush bar efficiency.


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Dyson V6 Motor Head


Another cordless model from Dyson worthy of your attention is the Dyson V6 Motor Head. This is also an improvement from the V6 model with which the company managed to revolutionize the market for cordless vacuum cleaners. This one offers 75% more brush bar power than the model above, and it is an excellent choice.

Providing 20 minutes of suction, this stick vacuum cleaner is a great helper around the house, and it offers you the ability to use this tool for in-between cleaning sessions, to maintain your home clean and even ready for guests.

The model comes equipped with a special Direct Drive cleaner head that manages to deal with even the most stubborn dirt embedded into your carpets. When you need to address areas that are difficult to clean, such as corners and tight spaces, you can use the crevice tool that comes attached to the stick vacuum cleaner.


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Dyson V8 Animal


This great stick vacuum cleaner from Dyson is ideal if you have pets and you constantly have to deal with pet hair (Check out the best Dyson pet vacuum). Offering high suction power, this model does not disappoint in regards to its runtime. The unit can work continuously for 40 minutes, and you will not experience any loss of suction power throughout this time interval.

The HEPA filter installed on the unit makes sure to catch all the allergens that are usually thrown back into the air you are breathing when you are using a regular vacuum cleaner. This filter is designed to capture even the smallest particles, and, since you may want to purchase this model for cleaning after pets, it’s nice to know that you can catch not only all the hair they shed but also all the allergens from their fur.

This model presents another advantage. It quickly converts to a handheld vacuum so you can clean areas that are above ground level with great ease. The unit comes with a docking station, and several accessories, like a dusting brush and a crevice tool.


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