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Top electric brooms for wood floors in 2019


If you are in rush to get the best electric broom for wood floors and can’t afford to go through all the excellent tips and reviews put together by our research team, all you need to know is summed up in this paragraph. In order to determine the best products, we took into consideration user feedback, expert reviews, reliability surveys and we discovered that the Dirt Devil Power Air SD20505 seems to be the best because of its performance and the ratings it has garnered. The model is lightweight, versatile, and convenient, and comes with all the suction power you might require for your wood floors. If you suffer from allergies, this product might be a good choice as you won’t even have to touch the dirt cup. You can empty it efficiently in your waste bin with the push of a single button. Thanks to its low-profile design, you’ll be able to store the Dirt Devil unit in smaller spaces.  If the Dyson DC44 Slim MK2 is temporarily unavailable, you should go for the Hoover FloorMate FH40010B as it is almost just as good.



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A short buying guide

If you’ve been prospecting the market for an electric broom for wood floors but didn’t seem to be able to find a model that best suits your needs, you’ve come to the right place. Remember, one of the crucial things about buying online is correlating your requirements to the features of the product you want to purchase. Moreover, read as much info as possible, including some reviews. Here’s a short buying guide to assist you in making the right choice.

A.1 Electric broom for wood floors


How much time will you be able to use the electric broom? While the runtime of some models is somewhere around 20 minutes, that of other units is longer. Choose the one you need. Obviously, the lower the runtime, the more affordable the product.


Extra tools

A number of the models we’ve consulted come with accessories and extra tools. This is an advantage for people not wanting to spend money on buying separate tools, as they’re known to be quite pricey.



The warranty of an electric broom for hardwood floors is the manufacturer’s way of showing to the consumers the brand actually cares. If possible, choose a product backed by a minimum of a 1-year warranty, and manufactured in the U.S. or Europe.


Best rated models


In order to improve your buying process, we have selected three of the most acclaimed units we have come across. All of the following varieties have gathered excellent consumer reviews, coming from American and international buyers alike. They’re known to be dependable and convenient and they’re incapable of ruining one’s budget.



Dirt Devil Power Air SD20505


This model is ideal for people who are looking for an easy to use solution for quick pickups and in-between cleaning. The Dirt Devil Power Air SD20505 is compact, and it is easy to store away, and it is also lightweight, so you can maneuver it around the house and clean fast. The total weight of the model is less than 7 lbs, which means that it can be used by seniors and even children for quick cleaning tasks.

The unit comes equipped with a 20-foot power cord, allowing you some freedom of movement. Still, if you have a larger house, you will have to deal with the inconvenience of plugging and unplugging the electric broom several times, until you get everything clean. The model is powered by a 10 amp motor that provides high suction power.

The overall suction power is facilitated by the Cyclonic Filtration technology employed on this particular model. Even when you need to deal with a bigger mess, you will find this unit to be quite handy and powerful. The low profile nozzle will allow you to reach under furniture and clean thoroughly. For wood floors, this model is a good choice.



The Dirt Devil Power Air SD20505 offers superior suction power due to its Cyclonic Filtration technology which allows it a higher performance, without sacrificing other conveniences.

The electric vacuum weighs less than 7 lbs, and because it is so lightweight, it allows the user to manipulate it with ease from going from one room to another.

You will not have to touch the dirt cup, as you only need to hit a button and have all the dirt dumped into the trashcan through the bottom.

The low profile of this model lets you store it away in smaller spaces, so it is a good choice for an apartment or a small home.



The 20-foot cord is considered too short by some buyers who say that it can feel like a hassle always plugging and unplugging the unit when you want to clean the entire home.

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Hoover FloorMate FH40010B


2.Hoover FloorMateHoover is yet another trusted company in the industry, which has been developing high-quality vacuum cleaners and electric brooms for a little over one hundred years.

Unlike the model we have showcased above, this is a 3-in-1 bagless cleaner vacuum that can wash and even dry hard floors. Furthermore, this is a considerably more affordable alternative. So, if you’re not looking for an expensive unit in the line, it might be worth the time to consider this particular model, as it manages to combine affordability with versatility.

The neat thing about using this variety is that it features two tank systems which make it possible for the clean water to never get mixed with any the dirty water. The pack includes detergent and 30 hard-surface wipes.

As it is to be expected, the Hoover FloorMate is built in complete accordance to the North American Electrical Standards, which means that it is perfectly safe to use in both the United States and Canada.

The manufacturers are offering a 1-year warranty on this product.



One feature that makes this product stand out is the SpinScrub brushes that do not only clean but also scrub wood floors, as well as tiles and vinyl, without leaving any scratches.

This model comes equipped with two tanks, one that holds the clean water, and one for the dirty water, allowing you to clean your floors well.

There are three stages you can use: the vacuuming stage, the washing stage, and the drying stage, for a complete cleaning task.

When you have to deal with difficult areas where dirt usually accumulates, you can use the Clean Boost feature that pumps more detergent for more cleaning power.



The unit is not lightweight, so manipulating it and maneuvering it around is not done with zero hassles; especially for spot cleaning, taking it out of its storing space may seem like a bit of overkill.

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BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A


3.BISSELL PowerEdgThis is one of the most inexpensive electric brooms we have come across during our entire research, so it would have been impossible to not include it in this list. While some online marketplaces sell it for close to one hundred dollars, Amazon customers can benefit from the retailer’s sale discounts and often get it for a much fairer price.

The model has been designed with hard floors in mind, which is why it’s capable of cleaning around furniture legs and on low pile area rugs. It’s versatile and easy to use and has a dirt cup that makes cleaning as easy as pie.

The 20-inch power cord comes in handy for people who want to clean their floors for a longer time.

Additionally, the BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A is the right choice for pet hair and pet food, as the V-shaped base directs larger debris into the center while also removing fine particles.

According to more than 3,000 user reviews, the BISSELL is well-worth the money, as it offers excellent value for the price.



When you need to clean along edges or in small corners thoroughly, you will find the Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A to be a great ally.

The V shape of the cleaner head is designed to gather all the large debris towards the center so that it can be sucked in by the vacuum cleaner; it works just fine with smaller debris.

The head swivels, so you will find it easy to clean around furniture and obtain the spotless results you are after without a problem.

The dirt cup is easy to empty, and it makes the entire cleaning process a breeze.

The model comes with a 20-foot power cord, so you will be able to clean an entire room without having to use different electric outlets.



The cord is considered too short by some customers who want to be able to clean the entire house without the hassle of plugging and replugging.

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Unavailable products



Dyson DC44 Slim MK2


1.Dyson DC44Dyson is one of the most well-known manufacturers of electric brooms and vacuum cleaners. This product is no different when it comes to the brand’s quality standards. It’s perfectly capable of doing what it is supposed to do, as attested by the countless positive ratings it has acquired over time.

The runtime of this variety is 20 minutes. High suction is an innate feature of this variety, thanks to the powerful Dyson motor, which has been proven to have 3 times the capability of other units in the line.

The product is covered by a 2-year consumer warranty on both parts and labor.

The pack contains a quick start guide, a user manual, the previously mentioned 2-year warranty, a crevice tool, a docking station, a mini motorized floor tool, a combo between a brush and a wide debris nozzle tool, a wand, the actual vacuum, a motorized floor tool, and a charger.

Buyers can opt for one of the two available color variants: iron and silver.

Over 700 users claim this is the best electric broom for the money.




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