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Last Updated: 18.08.19


Top electric carpet sweepers in 2019


Should you be looking for a fast, simple way to find out what is the best electric carpet sweeper, without having to read all the tips and advice put together by our researchers, all the crucial information is available in this short paragraph. We have done an extensive inquiry on buyer’s feedback, expert reviews, and elements concerning costs and value for money. Based on our research, the best electric carpet sweeper is the Shark Ninja V2950, as it is a quiet, performant sweeper that can cover a 13” swipe with two variable speeds. If the our top pick is unavailable, the OnTel Products SWSMAX is our second best choice.



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A short buying guide

As much as we love our pets, the truth is we all wish we could get them to clean their own mess. Nothing gets on our nerves more than the hair that sticks to everything, from clothes and chairs, to carpets and rugs. Luckily, there is a solution, and its in the form of an electric carpet sweeper. So what are the features that a good carpet sweeper should have?



Sweepers are meant for use in between vacuum cleaning sessions, for they are less powerful. This means you’re in no need of a heavy, bulky machine. Look for a lightweight sweeper with a slick design that you can carry and store easily. A telescopic or collapsible handle could also serve that purpose. If you don’t have power outlets on every wall in your house, consider a cordless sweeper, to avoid bending every time you enter or leave a room.



Although not a match for the vacuum cleaner, sweepers have different motors that can provide more or less power. That means they will brush at different speeds and will not share the same suction capacity. The more power, the less chances to leave pet hair hair behind, especially with its known persistence.



While not a concern for the corded models, the amount of time cordless electric carpet sweepers are able to run on a single charge might might be a decisive factor for those of you who are interested in speed and efficiency. It can be a nerve-inducing drag to have to stop in the middle of the cleaning process to recharge his sweeper.  


Accessories and special features

While a wide pad is more than welcome, as it reduces the number of swipes and the energy consumed, tight spaces and corners won’t be very accessible with just that. An interchangeable small-sized head will do the trick, allowing you to cover every inch of your carpet and floor. Another thing to consider is that once you’ve left the carpet and placed the sweeper on the floor, the revolving brushes may cause more harm than good, so a floor-sweeping mode should be available, at least for the pricier models.



Speaking of price, you may find a colossal variety of prices for apparently similar models. Don’t urge yourself to buy the first bargain that jumps your way. Take some time to read some of the best electric carpet sweeper reviews to find out which brands are reliable. Secondly, while the motor is permanent, in time, you might want to replace the head, a single brush, or other parts. If buying spare parts will cost you more than you’ve initially paid on your machine, maybe you should think again before investing.


3 Best electric carpet sweepers (Updated Reviews) in 2019



1. Shark Ninja V2950 Ultra-Light Cordless 13-inch Rechargeable Floor & Carpet Sweeper


1-shark-13-rechargable-floor-carpet-sweeperThis model from Shark Ninja is a battery-powered machine, that runs on 7.2V. It has a 13-inch long brush that can revolve at two speeds: a slower speed that’s perfect for bare floors and a fast one for carpeted surfaces.

This lightweight sweeper is as quiet as is easy to use and clean. After you’ve picked up the dust and debris, all you have to do is empty the no-touch dust cup.

Most electric sweepers tend to leave a small trail of unpicked debris along the walls, but with the Shark Ninja 13” edge-cleaning squeegee, you will leave nothing behind. And to make sure you’ve got every angle covered, the manufacturer armed this sweeper with a swivel steering system.

When it comes to letting it rest, this Shark Ninja model makes things easy for you, as it has a foldable handle, and occupies little space.

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2. OnTel Products SWSMAX Cordless Swivel Sweeper


2-ontel-products-swsmax-max-cordless-swivel-sweeperAnother swivel-type sweeper comes from OnTel Products and is ready to impress with its 4000 revolutions per minute.

This model has a built-in dust holder and won’t have you spend extra money on dust bags. The sweeper’s parts can be removed and cleaned separately, and its brush is reusable.

This machine works with a 7.2V rechargeable battery and it also comes with its own recharger. The low profile design and flat shape of the pad make it perfect for reaching under the furniture. What’s more, the sweeper only weighs 2 pounds, making it one of the most lightweight machines in this category.

Considering it costs almost half of its counterpart’s price, and that it has very good customer ratings on Amazon, the OnTel seems to be more than a reasonable investment, and we believe it is worth every penny.

Buy from for ($29.95)




3. Monster Rechargeable Dual Cordless Carpet Sweeper


3-monster-rechargeable-dual-cordless-sweeperThis electric sweeper brings an innovative trait: its two brushes are counter rotating, for high efficiency and dust-free surfaces.

A swiveling base and a fingertip controlled on/off button turn its operation into a simple, effortless task. The Monster Dual Sweeper is a battery-powered machine that works with two speeds and has a runtime of 30 minutes. This sweeper has a cleaning path of 11 inches and is almost twice heavier than the previously presented models. However, it is a tad narrower and its base folds to 90 degrees for easy storage.

After you’re done sweeping, simply remove the brushes, clean them and you will be all set for the next house cleaning session. The Monster Dual has received numerous praises from consumers, and while some are still considering it to be expensive, most of its buyers were beyond satisfied with it features and quality.

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