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Top Kenmore vacuums in 2019


If you’ve been trying to get your hands on the best Kenmore vacuum cleaner for the money, but you have little to no time to do your research all on your own, we’re here to help. After having gone through hundreds of sales figures, surveys, and user reviews, we came to the conclusion that the product you ought to consider is the Kenmore 31140. This upright vacuum is efficient, easy to use, and convenient, and it even comes with a series of attachments included in the deal. You can use the Pet Handi Mate attachment, the crevice tool, or the dust/upholstery tool whenever you need to clean various surfaces. The width of the cleaning path is 14 inches, which means that you won’t have to spend that much time cleaning your floors. If the 31140 is no longer in stock, perhaps you might like to check out the specs of another good Kenmore vacuum, the Kenmore Elite 31150.



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A short buying guide

In the market for the best vacuum from Kenmore? If you can’t be bothered with reading dozens of reviews of Kenmore vacuum cleaners, we’re here to give you a hand when it comes to selecting the right unit for you. There are many options available for sale out there, and that’s what might render your decision-making process somewhat difficult.

To find out the essential aspects, you ought to bear in mind in order to make sure you’re getting the right model for your needs, just keep on reading.

Just what type are you looking for?

Vacuum cleaners can be bagged or bagless. But they can also be upright or canister, as well as corded or cordless. You ought to ensure that you are aware of your own preferences before choosing one type or the other. For instance, it is said that bagged choices, while they are somewhat tedious because you’ll have to purchase bags over and over again, it seems that they are better at capturing allergens, dust, and other debris.

With some upright models, you can’t clean some areas as the unit doesn’t fit. Cordless alternatives are great because they don’t hinder you due to their power cables. However, they have a limited runtime, and typically, for about twenty to forty minutes of service, you have to charge such a model for about four hours. So each of these has both benefits and drawbacks.


HEPA filtration

One of the major roles that a vacuum has to play is to be able to capture the debris in an efficient manner, to ensure that it doesn’t let it out by accident or through a vent. HEPA filters are capable of filtering up to 99% of allergens that exist in any living environment. That is why the models that are equipped with this particular feature are highly recommended for people who have asthma and allergies.


Ease of use and convenience

When it comes to how you will be utilizing the vacuum, you need to ensure you’re getting a product that works best with your physical attributes. Some people hate handling heavy and large things, and even though most vacuums come with wheels nowadays, some might be less good than others.

Something else in terms of convenience is the bagged or bagless dilemma. Some people find it easier to empty the dustbin and not have to spend money on any consumables. On the other hand, whenever you empty that dustbin, you’re exposed to the dirt inside and millions of tiny particles.


Best rated models


For your consideration, we have selected some models that have received some of the most favorable Kenmore vacuum reviews. We’ve showcased them below, so if you want to read some more about them, feel free to do so.



Kenmore 31140


If you have been searching for a dependable upright vacuum that’s easy to use, perhaps the 31140 might make a good choice for you. Besides, the unit is accompanied by a good deal of accessories that you will be able to utilize to improve your cleaning experience. The suction power of this choice is said to be up to par, at least based on the info we’ve found about it.

Plus, the 31140 has a powerful cleaning ability, allowing you to maintain the suction of the vacuum even when you have used it for some time. Something that we do have to note in relation to this option is that it needs to be used with HEPA bags, which obviously have to be purchased separately.

When it comes to the drawbacks of this choice, one of the commonly expressed complaints of owners is that it is too large and heavy to maneuver by frail and thin women. Besides, because of its size, you might have a hard time keeping it in a closet, so you might end up leaving it in your bedroom.


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Kenmore Elite 31150


Another Kenmore model that you might be interested in checking out is this one. It’s outfitted with a motor that’s supposedly capable of offering you about twenty percent more air power compared to that offered by some of its competitors. Because it also comes with HEPA filtration, it is a good alternative for people with allergy and asthma. More so, it’s even been certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

One particular feature you might not find in some models, but you’ll get with this one is the fact that it has a five-position height adjustment. This makes it a great choice for multiple types of floors.

Furthermore, the unit comes with several extras that range from a combo dust tool to a Pet Handi-Mate tool. The telescoping wand is a benefit in itself, as it will allow you to clean your upholstery and some carpeted areas that might not be within reach of the upright vacuum.

Most of the people who have chosen the 31150 alternative say that it is entirely worth every penny and that it is a truly powerful vacuum.


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Kenmore 81614


If you prefer canister vacuums, perhaps this one is right up your alley. Like most other canister vacs, this one is a bagged alternative, which is why you will have to constantly buy bags to be able to use it. However, it does have a HEPA filter, and because of its design, it’s one of the highly sought-after choices for those who have allergies.

Given that it is significantly more compact compared to other choices, it appears that the 81614 is also easier to use. Moreover, you won’t have any trouble storing it in a closet. The good thing about this option is that it is also accompanied by a set of tools, but what seems to make the difference between this one and others is that the Pet PowerMate attachment is entirely capable of lifting dander and stubborn hair from furniture, baseboards, as well as carpeted areas.

So, if you have a cat or a dog, this type of vac might be just the right type of product to take into account. You can even use it to clean your pet’s sleeping spot.


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