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Top Shark steam mops in 2019


Nobody likes cleaning the house or their room, especially after a big party. However, as much as we would want to postpone this activity, it would be best to do a little bit of cleaning at least once a week. If you don’t want to be invaded by weird myriapods and bacteria, you might consider cleaning even more often. Luckily, there are plenty of cleaning tools and accessories you can count on, some of the most efficient being the steam mops. If you don’t have enough time to choose your own steam mop, we did our own research and have come up with a few suggestions. From our perspective, one of the best Shark steam mops available is the Lift-Away S3973D because it comes with a removable handheld steamer for cleaning above the floors, provides three different levels of intelligent steaming, and helps you get rid of all the dirt and the debris. If the Lift-Away S3973D is not available for purchase, the second option you should consider is the Shark Steam Pocket.



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A short buying guide

If you’re in market for the best Shark steam mop, you may have to take a few features into consideration before purchasing any item. Keep in mind that there are plenty products available for sale, but it is up to you to find the best Shark steam mop on sale. Here is what to consider:


Size and fit

After going through plenty of Shark steam mop reviews, we have seen that the company mainly offers three types of steamers – handheld cleaners, mops, and cylinder steam cleaners. Choosing a mop cleaner is not only an affordable and eco-friendly solution, but it is also extremely efficient if you want to kill germs, parasites, and bacteria from all floors. If you’re going for such an item, you must know that the overall size and fit of the product are important features. No matter if you choose a Shark steam mop for hardwood floors or a Shark steam mop for laminate floors, your item should be easy to handle and lightweight.

Think about the fact that steaming the entire home may take a while, so you will need a product that won’t cause fatigue or back pains if used on a regular basis. Steaming mops are mainly extremely lightweight and easy to deposit, which is always a nice feature if you don’t have too much space in your closet.



Steam mops are mainly used for hard floor surfaces, but they will also do a great job on linoleum, hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, and others. Most of these steam mops come with a decent price, but if you want the full package of Shark steam mop accessories, you will have to pay a little extra. However, with these accessories, you will also be able to clean other surfaces like rugs, low pile carpets, and even the corners of your room.


Reservoir capacity

Keep in mind that steam mops run on water, so the reservoir’s capacity is of great importance, especially if you plan on running a full cleaning operation all over your house. A good steam mop can run up to 45 minutes without refilling its tank with water, but most cheaper models will run out of water within 10 minutes, which will make you lose important time, especially when cleaning a full house.


3 Best Shark Steam Mops (Updated Reviews) in 2019


If you don’t have enough time to go through stores yourself and pick the right Shark steam mops, we are here to offer you some of the top-rated models, so that you can make up your mind easier and faster.



1. Shark Lift-Away S3973D Pro Steam Pocket Mop


This is a 2-in-1 extremely convenient steamer that can easily turn into a handheld steamer for more portability and easy access to clean hard to reach areas and above the floors.

When attached together, the product turns into a full-size steam mop, able to clean and sterilize all surfaces from your home.

The mop head features a pad attach-and-release technology which is very easy to use, and you won’t even have to touch the parts yourself. The product also has attached some dirt grip pads on both sides in order to easily wipe away dirt and clean the floors.

What we liked the most about this steamer is that it has three different levels of steam control to help you easily mop, dust or scrub, according to your needs. This way you can regulate the amount of steam used which can help you prolong the time in which you have to refill the tank with water.


Buy from for ($159.99)




2. Shark Steam Pocket S3501 Mop hard Floor Cleaner with Swivel Steering


This product is perfect for beginners who have not yet decided whether to ditch their old vacuum cleaners for good or not.

The product has an attractive price, which you will love if you plan on giving this steamer a try. The item only takes 30 seconds to heat the steam and will 100% sanitize your floors and carpets, without requiring any additional chemicals or cleaning substances.

The pocket technology offers a double-sided cleaning for every pad, which means your floor will be clean and sanitized twice as fast and twice as good. The water tank has a large capacity, helping you run this product for about half an hour before having to refill.

In addition, the superior cleaning provided will also allow a faster dry time, so you can enjoy totally clean floors, carpets, and rugs in just a matter of minutes.


Buy from for ($52.93)




3. Shark Lift-Away S3901D Steam Mop


This 2-in-1 pocket mop features a removable handheld steamer for increased convenience and portability. The reduced sizes will help you easily carry the product around the house and even reach inaccessible places like corners or hard floors. In addition, it is easy to assemble and disassemble and won’t occupy too much space when storing.

The three different levels of steam control allow you to perform all cleaning duties, including dusting, mopping, and scrubbing.

The product offers 99.9% sanitization on all types of floors without requiring additional chemicals or cleaning substances. This is a non-invasive, environmentally-safe way to clean your house and help you stay out of germs and bacteria that could cause allergies or more severe health problems.

This steamer also comes equipped with two different quick-release heads for all types of floors and a more thorough cleaning. In other words, you can easily get rid of stains, dirt, dust, debris, pet hair, and bacteria by using only one product.


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