Best steam mop for vinyl floors

Last Updated: 15.09.19


Top steam mops for vinyl floors in 2019


If you are thinking of purchasing the best steam mop for vinyl floors and do not know where to start, we are here to assist. We went through expert reviews, product feedback from owners and arrived at the conclusion that the Bissell Spinwave Cordless 2307 is the one you should consider due to its outstanding performance. Using this device, you can sanitize your home by enjoying the freedom of mobility provided by the cordless technology. You can control the amount of solution you spread on the floor with an easy touch of the spray button. Bissell’s device comes with a convenient handle which makes it easy to be carried around the house. If this product p is not available for sale, you can certainly give the SharkNinja S3501 a look, as it a good alternative.



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A short buying guide

Finding a steam mop for your vinyl floors it not that easy. The issue is not literally finding the items, but deciding on a high-quality product that will suit your cleaning needs.

There are so many devices available on the market starting from a cheap steam mop for vinyl floors to a more expensive one, multiple accessories included, and various brands; you’ll end up being baffled by this variety. To help you out, read the essential features we put together.

Can you use a steam mop on vinyl plank flooring?

In case you are an owner of a vinyl floor, and you have been wondering if you can use steam to clean it, the answer is yes. Manufacturers from this line of products have thought about people in your situation and created devices that will suit your needs.

However, before making the purchase make sure the device does not contain steel or anything abrasive that can damage the vinyl. To verify any information about the product, read a few reviews of steam mops for vinyl floors. Better safe than sorry!


Water tank

Nowadays when we are so busy and have to deal with so many tasks, each second counts. You should be searching for effective and time-saving features. We recommend looking for a steam mop with a water tank that can be refilled while cleaning. This way you do not have to turn off the mop first and let it cool down.


Power cord

Although cordless devices offer you more mobility, the usage time is limited. If you decide to purchase a product with a power cord, you should make sure it is long enough to offer you good reach from the outlet to every corner of the room.

It is quite simple, as you only need to know the dimensions of every room and select the cord length that is appropriate for the largest cleaning area in your house.


Best rated models


Showcased below, you can find the most sought-after steam mops for vinyl floors. We selected them after carefully analyzing the features mentioned previously, as well as product ratings and customers’ reviews.



Bissell Spinwave Cordless 2307


You can enjoy the convenience of cordless freedom with the Bissell Spinwave Cordless Hard Floor Mop, which is lightweight and glides across the surface making it easier to clean tough, sticky debris.

The rotating mop pads reduce your effort substantially by scrubbing your floors for you but also being gentle and safe to apply on sealed hard-surface floors like tile, vinyl flooring, linoleum, or hardwood floors.

There are a few advantages to owning such a cleaning tool like the one offered by Bissell. For example, being cordless, the steam mop provides you with the freedom to take it anywhere with you while cleaning, without being bothered by the cord tangling around and getting stuck under a door.

With its handle, it is easy to carry the machine from room to room. You can definitely say goodbye to the conventional mop and bucket because you can even control the amount of solution you spread on the floor using the spray button.


Buy from for ($145.91)





SharkNinja S3501


A good steam mop for vinyl floors will surely make your life easier. The Shark Steam Pocket Mop turns regular water into hot steam to help you remove daily dirt and grime that other types of mops may leave behind. You get powerful steam on demand, as the natural mopping motion produces superheated steam in only 30 seconds that dries almost instantly as well.

This cleaning tool allows you to sanitize your home and kill 99.9% of household germs and bacteria. The product comes with two washable microfiber pads which are made to lift and lock in dirt. You no longer have to work with messy mops or heavy buckets.

The Shark Steam Cleaner features a comfortable handle which offers easy maneuverability with no physical strain. The quick-release cord makes it easy to store and release it, using only the length you need while cleaning. This tool provides safe cleaning for hard-floor surfaces, including hardwood, and it does the same for vinyl (Check out the best steam mop for wood floors).


Buy from for ($59.99)





Bissell PowerFresh Slim 2075A


The 3 in 1 PowerFresh model offered by Bissell enables you to clean on and above your floors using a great kit that comes with a fully upright steam mop, and extension wand, as well as a handheld steam cleaner.

Carry your tools with you by making use of the onboard toolkit which includes an angle tool, a grout tool, a bristle scrub brush, and a flat scraper tool. If you get this product, you will also receive a few other bonus items such as a clothing steamer device, a bristle scrub brush for above floor multi-surface cleaning, and a flat surface tool complete with a mop pad.  

All the accessories listed earlier can be attached to the end of the extension wand or the handheld steamer, allowing you to clean each inch of your home, no matter how hard it is to reach. For everyday cleaning, you can use the white pads, and for the sticky, tough messes, apply the scrubby pads.


Buy from for ($129.99)





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