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Are you searching for the best stick vacuum for tile floors but you lack the time to read all the information we have put together about this category of products? We are here to help you out! To make it easier for you to choose, we have read the online reviews for you, and we have taken other aspects into account, such as price to value ratio, buyers’ feedback, and overall brand quality. As a result, we have concluded that the Prolux Ion Battery is the best model out there. This decision was reached after assessing the many features that this model comes equipped with, such as the fact that it has a lightweight battery that provides you with 24 minutes cleaning power, its powerful DC 80 watt high air flow motor that ensures deep vacuuming, and its micron filter that provides the release of clean air. If the Prolux Ion Battery is unavailable, we suggest you give the Bissell 1132A a good look as it is a practical alternative.



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A short buying guide

Because we know how difficult it is to set your mind on a product when the market is flooded with dozens of models, we have decided to present to you a short list of features every best upright vacuum for tile floors should necessarily come equipped with. So, read carefully and decide on a model that is prone to meet every one of your needs.

Dirt cup vs. dust bag

One of the first decisions one has to make when in the market for this kind of vacuum cleaner is whether or not you want to settle for the old version that includes a dust bag or the newer models that come equipped with a dirt cup.

The difference between the two consists in how much effort the users have to put into emptying the accumulated residues of the cleaning process. While the older models require the users to constantly replace the dust bags with new ones, the latter products have an easy to empty cup that cuts down on the time one spends disposing of the debris.

Therefore, our suggestion is that you chose the newer model as it this will mean settling for a more hygienic way of cleaning. Moreover, a bag less model only adds to the speed of your cleaning, just empty the tank when you notice that it is full and get on with your cleaning.


Suction power

Another great function all users should pay attention to is the suction power of the device they end up settling for. Due to the fact that you are most likely looking for a model that is efficient when it comes to cleaning hard floors, our suggestion is to set your mind on a product that comes outfitted with a powerful motor that is fitted of cutting through compact masses of debris.

So, take into consideration your needs and be sure to check out current users’ reviews, as they are able to provide personalized reactions to the products as well as give information about the drawbacks of each and every model.


Additional features

Because nowadays manufacturers aim to cater for users’ every need, we advise you to also look for features such as steam sanitizers or micron filters. In no time, you will be able not to only vacuum your tile floors but also eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria by just using water and the steam sanitizer function.

Also, as any best stick vacuum for tile floors reviews are prone to point out, you should always check out those models that allow you to cut cleaning time in half by vacuuming and steaming at the same time.


Best rated models


In the section below we have put together our top three stick vacuums for tile floors. While we made our selection, we kept in mind features such as those discussed above but also aspects like overall brand quality, price and users’ feedback. Therefore, because the choice is all yours, read ahead and settle for the model you consider is able to meet your standards.



Prolux Ion Battery


Highly appreciated by current users, the Prolux Ion Battery was designed in a way as to meet all users’ needs. Constructed with a multi-surface Floor Nozzle function, this model comes equipped with an electric brush roll which can be powered off or used in the upright setting to vacuum your hardwood floors, tile, and carpet.

Moreover, you can also use this device’s detachable handheld version, a version that is ideal for cleaning your car and other areas that are hard to reach. This product is very versatile and, although it weighs almost 6 pounds, this vacuum does not sacrifice mobility for power. The powerful DC 80 watt high air flow motor combined with the long lasting 24V NI-MH 1500mah battery ensure more than 24 minutes of deep cleaning.

Also, the micron filter inside guarantees its users that the air coming out is fresh and clean.


Buy from for ($139.98)




Bissell 1132A


Another favorite among users at the time we did our research, the Bissell 1132A is definitely a model worth checking out. Smartly designed, this product allows you to save time by vacuuming and steaming tile floors at the same time. As a result, you will be able to enjoy a clean and sanitized home in no time.

As a plus, the product has a function called Easy Touch Digital Controls that enables you to effortlessly switch between the functions of the device. Therefore, you will be able to choose if you want to vacuum and steam at the same time or separately. Moreover, spots will no longer pose a problem as you will easily be able to clean them with the four washable and replaceable mop pads the device comes with.

Last but not least, the steam function of the device has been proven to eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria by just using water, so that you and your family can enjoy a comfortable and safe home.


Buy from for ($199)




Dirt Devil SD20009


We couldn’t have ended our review without mentioning the Dirt Devil SD20009. Among the many features it comes equipped with, we have to mention its powerful 1.25 Amp Motor that is capable of cutting through messes with constant suction power.

Also, designed with a 16-foot cord and equipped with smooth-rolling wheels, the model is ideal for effortlessly cleaning medium sized rooms.  A two in one type of product, this device allows you to detach the end part and use it as a hand vacuum.

This version of the model, along with the incorporated on-board crevice tool for hand vacuum will present its users with the ability to easily reach tight spaces and clean the accumulated dust and debris.

Lastly, because it is light, it weighs only 3.8 pounds, the model can be easily transported and used in various parts of one’s house.


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