Bissell 2001 Expert Review

Last Updated: 26.06.19


Main advantage


This model is dedicated to those who want the freedom to move around from one room to another without being restricted by chords. Moreover, its excellent battery life will allow you to clean for one hour straight without having to charge the device again. That is more than enough for at least three rooms. A 36V lithium-ion battery powers it, so you know your back is covered at all times. Additionally, it features fast charging capabilities to save you a lot of time.


Main disadvantage


When it comes to downsides, this model doesn’t have that many. Some people did notice that if you have a big house with many rooms, the battery might not last you long enough to clean all of them in one session. However, that small issue can be solved by getting organized. After the battery is drained completely, just do something else while it charges. Or take a well-deserved break until it fills up.

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Main features explained


Freedom is the key

With this nifty model, you can glide from one room to another, from floor to floor, without plugging and unplugging every time you want to take a step or change your location. It has absolutely no power cord, which is something that busy people will appreciate especially if they are doing last minute cleaning before guests arrive.

The product can even be used by children, as they won’t get in contact with any socket. Thus, you can take advantage of this item to teach them valuable lessons at a young age. This is the great thing about battery powered devices like this – they offer a lot of versatility.

Gentle yet efficient

This model is designed to protect your floors, even if you use it daily. It is especially handy if you have just installed new carpeting, or if you care about conserving that beautiful hardwood floor shine. It doesn’t scratch, and it is built for heavy-duty tasks so you can get its money’s worth quickly.

The vacuum delivers a strong performance against dirt and any other types of fine particles that you want to be removed instantly. It will suck everything even from tight junctions. These nifty and helpful features make this product a universal solution to daily house maintenance so you won’t have to buy any other cleaning devices.


Air Driven

The manufacturer created something which will please many. The secret behind the power of this design is the air driven tool, which relies on air suction to get the job done comfortably and without having to clean the same spot twice in a row.

Moreover, the ergonomics of the product are enhanced since it is very easy to use and to hold in one hand. This portability will be of great help when you have to vacuum and lift something at the same time. You can also change the settings according to your specific needs and the type of surface you have to clean at that moment.


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