Bissell CrossWave 1785A Wet Dry Vacuum Review

Last Updated: 17.07.19

Main advantage


Versatility is the most significant benefit you will get if you decide to go for this option, and that’s because you can use it for several things. With its assistance, you can both vacuum your floors and wash them at the same time. Thanks to the multi-surface machine, you can clean even area rugs, and hard floors won’t pose any problem to this product, that’s for sure.

The unit is effective and convenient and doesn’t even weigh that much, especially given what it is capable of doing.


Main disadvantage


The cost of this unit can be considered a drawback, especially by people who are on a tight budget. There are buyers who have called this ‘an investment’ because spending almost three hundred dollars on a vacuum seems like something pretty crazy. However, due to its performance and capabilities, it’s safe to say that you’ll be investing your money in something that will offer you plenty of value with time. Instead of going through three wet and dry vacuums in a year, you might want to consider getting this one right off the bat.

Buy from for ($269.99)




Main features explained


Easy to use

With other vacuum cleaners, sometimes it’s a pain to figure out how they work. You don’t have to go through the same learning experience with this particular model since it comes with smart touch controls located conveniently on the handle. You can swiftly switch between cleaning area rugs and hard floors.



Cleaning and maintenance

Something that most users aren’t looking forward to is cleaning their wet and dry vacuums. Luckily, the brand has made it very simple for you to remove the brush roll and remove the brush window, therefore allowing you to clean them separately.

On top of everything, this product comes with two tanks. One of them is used for storing the dirty water and the other keeps the cleaning solution. The two tank technology boasted by this choice recommends it since you can make sure that you’re cleaning your floors with a mix of formula and water that’s always fresh.



Wet floors can be a hazard, especially for kids and old people, so if you have one of these individuals in your household and a clumsy teenager, too, you have to make sure that once you clean your floors, you dry them up pretty quickly, too. Obviously, this task can be impossible if you want to use a mop and a bucket.

This is an issue you won’t have to manage with the Bissell 1785A since it comes with a dual action brush roll which enables it to mop and then pick up dry debris at the same time. As with other wet and dry vacuums, this one doesn’t use a great amount of liquid so the drying will be done faster. You can simply air out your room and you’ll step on dry floors soon.


Buy from for ($269.99)




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