BISSELL Freshness 1052B Review


Main advantage


A safe-to-use product is hard to come by in a market that seems to be more focused on heavy chemicals that are corrosive and dangerous if used daily. However, this product is certified to be safe for the environment so you know you can use it without worrying you might get sick or that you are poisoning local waters. This feature is definitely a highlight, and it is not achieved by sacrificing efficiency. On the contrary, it can remove any stain, old or new, in a matter of minutes or even seconds. And as a bonus, Bissell’s product will make your house smell lovely.


Main disadvantage


This product has something that might be considered a shortcoming. But we think that it is not, especially if you are a consumer who knows what cleaning is all about. And this downside is the size of the container. At 32 ounces, the volume is standard, but for a person who doesn’t clean a lot, it might be too big. Or at the other end of the spectrum, for someone who washes the floors daily, it might be too small. The thing is, if you are a weekly cleaner like most people are, this size is ideal.

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Main features explained


It helps you remove bad smells

Something that all buyers pointed out is that its aroma is excellent. If you own pets, especially furry friends who sometimes pee on your carpet, this improved formula can take care of those stains even if they are older than one week.

Moreover, stains made by coffee or tobacco will be removed with ease and without requiring any effort from you, and the whole house will be refreshed by a scent that is exotic and easy on the nose, and not chemical-like.

Multi-purpose and variety

You can use the item on stains directly, or you can add it to a washing machine, which makes it versatile. Another thing that vouches for that versatility is the fact that you can use it on all types of fabrics and materials like cotton, polystyrene, spandex and many others.

Also, the size of the container is great, and even if you are not planning on using the product too often, at least you will have your back covered in the event of receiving unexpected guests. Everyone will be impressed by how spotless your house looks, even if you have pets and small children.


Other highlights

Most reviewers emphasized the fact that its formula does not affect pets in any way. Just be careful that they don’t lick the substance off of your carpets, as it could upset their small stomachs if ingested. The same thing applies to children. If any side effects appear, do not hesitate to call your G.P.

The ingredients respect the American health standards, and the solution can be used daily on any surface and with any type of machine. Make sure, all buyers recommend, that you are not allergic to any of the chemicals inside it by reading the ingredient list or by applying a small amount of product on the back of your hand.


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