BISSELL Pet Kit 1033 Review

Main advantage


Say goodbye to pet stains and bad smells with this unique product. This double concentrated model is very efficient against most types of dirt and odors, and it has an improved formula so it can remove grime in just a few seconds after you’ve applied it to the dirty areas. Additionally, it also features the lauded Scotchgard Protector whose mission is to protect carpet from future stains, whether they’re made by your family members or your adventurous pets.


Main disadvantage


There’s no hidden issue with this product. However, if you are looking for a product with a strong smell, this is not what you need. It comes with a neutral scented formula, that is effective against bad smells, but the liquid itself had no odor. This is great because usually cleaning products smell like chemicals, which more often than not make users have nausea.

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Main features explained


Pet Power Shot Oxy

If you are tired of products that do not work, you don’t have to let go of your beloved pet to prevent your carpets or entire house from smelling bad anymore. Give this product a chance since it is an oxygen-based stain remover that has been proven to act quickly, even against old urine stains.

It can become your go-to solution for embedded hair or fresh coffee spills. The formula is so efficient because oxygen is an active molecule that reacts with the colors and odors present in stains, and neutralizes them in an instant.

Sprays, foams, and others

If you are not sure what type of container to use or if you are accustomed to just one kind, you’ll be relieved to hear this manufacturer has all grounds covered. The kit comes with products in the shape of a spray, a foam container, pads, and powders, all so you can have an answer ready for any cleaning challenge.

This way, you can match the shape of the formula to the type of stain, or to the kind of fabric that was affected. For example, the spray works wonders with upholstery and delicate materials, while the foam is great for carpets and rugs. And lastly, you need to know that this product is convenient and that it will give back a fresh vibe to your home.


Great formula for quick results

Moreover, the wonders of the mix of ingredients don’t end here. It meets all the safety standards, and it even received the praised Environment Certification, meaning the product is safe for all houses, especially if small children live there. Furthermore, this certification proves the product is safe for the environment as well.

If you add the formula to the stain, it will break its components and color down, while keeping the fabrics untouched and safe. It can work with organic dirt patches and some types of chemical dye. Additionally, to improve its efficiency, you can put a moist towel on top of the formula-soaked stain.


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