Boater’s Edge Carpet BE2122 Review

Last Updated: 17.07.19


Main advantage


Do you love hosting parties or going camping but you hate having to clean after because of your clumsiness? Avoid ruining your mood with the help of a good carpet cleaner that will help you quickly remove all types of stains and dirt from your carpets. What we liked the most about this stain remover is its cleaning power, suitable for a wide array of stains, even the most difficult ones.

From dirt, grease, and pet stains to food spills, oil, and even blood, makeup or urine, you can count on the new Boater’s Edge stain remover to deliver sparkling clean and fresh smelling rugs. Used regularly, the item will also help restore the original colors of your carpets and rugs, making them feel and look like brand new for longer.


Main disadvantage


Although most of the customers were pleased with the quality of this product, its main flaw is that it can only be used on rugs and carpets. We don’t suggest trying it on upholstery, stairs, pet beds, or clothes as you may end up ruining them instead of cleaning and refreshing them. The item does contain some chemical substances that might cause mild irritation. You should avoid direct contact with your eyes, nose or skin.

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Main features explained


Made Without Caustic Chemicals

It’s hard to find a cleaning substance that works and is still gentle to your skin. This product from Boater’s Edge is specifically formulated without caustic chemicals so everyone can use it. Moreover, it doesn’t have a typical strong smell that could irritate your nose or eyes, so you won’t have to open all windows and doors when applying it on rugs and mats.



Gentle for Home and Marine Use

Unlike most other products available on the market nowadays, the new Boater’s Edge will also help you clean the carpets and rugs from your car, RV, and trucks. It can be used on campers too, making it a suitable tool for those who like to travel in style and comfort.

The marine-grade formula dissolves oil stains, ground-in dirt, salt, grime, grease, and even blood, meaning you can take it with you when you go fishing to keep your boat floors and rugs clean.


Continuous Power

This carpet cleaner will not only get you rid of old stains within minutes but will also leave behind a protective barrier that prevents and repels future stains from forming. As a result, all your carpets and rugs will last longer, preserving their original colors and thickness.

Thanks to its concentrated formula, you won’t have to add too much product either, allowing you to clean larger surfaces with the same amount of liquid.


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