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Top affordable electric broom in 2019


If you are in rush to get the best cheap electric broom and can’t afford to go through all the excellent tips and reviews put together by our research team, all you need to know is summed up in this paragraph. In determining the best products we have looked at user feedback, sales figures, reliability surveys and we have found that VonHaus Stick Vacuum Cleaner is the best because of its great features. You will be able to enjoy perfect clean air, since the special filters for capturing small particles installed on this particular unit do not allow any to float back into the air, as it happens when you are using older vacuum cleaners. You will clean the entire home with this electric broom because it is highly versatile. It can clean with the same efficiency hardwood floors, carpets, stairs and furniture. You can even transform this unit into a handheld vacuum cleaner, which is very handy for smaller areas or those that are more difficult to reach with a stick unit. If the VonHaus Stick Vacuum Cleaner is temporarily unavailable, you should go for the Dirt Devil Power Air SD20505 as it is almost just as good.



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A short buying guide

If you want to get a good, cheap electric broom that lasts for years, just keep reading. We like giving out a helping hand to struggling consumers, which is why we have put together a short yet informative buying guide. The following info can help you correlate your needs to the features of the unit you may be looking for. If possible, devote your spare time to researching the item before purchasing it. While you’re at it, it might be a good idea for you to read some of the best electric broom reviews.

A.1 Cheap electric broom



Noise levels

Electric brooms are great for cleaning hard floors and carpets in a timely fashion. one of the most important features to consider with these items is the noise level. For some buyers, this detail might not be crucial, but for others it makes all the difference. Read some consumer ratings to find out if the unit of your choice can be operated quietly.



Most of the batteries of the models we’ve analyzed last between 20 minutes and 30 minutes. Imported varieties can have a runtime of around 45 minutes, but they’re usually more expensive.


Price and warranty

Carefully estimate your budget before buying a model, and pick one that is backed by at least a 1-year warranty.


Best rated models


For your consideration, we have selected three of the most acclaimed units we have come across. All of the following electric brooms have gathered the appreciation of many American and international consumers, which is why they might be worth considering. They are dependable, convenient and above all, affordable.



VonHaus Stick Vacuum Cleaner


1.VonHaus 600W 2-in-1This VonHaus variety is by far the best cheap electric broom we’ve come across during our research. You don’t need to take our word for it. Just trust the over 500 people who wrote positive reviews on this product.

This is a powerful stick and handheld vacuum that can be utilized as an electric broom. The suction power of this model is incredible, as is the dust capacity.

Like other products in the same line, this one features HEPA and Sponge filtration, which is well-known for its benefits. This type of system is capable of capturing small particles which would otherwise disperse into the air of the room that is being vacuumed.

One of the core characteristics of the VonHaus variety is versatility. The unit can be utilized for anything from cleaning carpets and stairs to vacuuming furniture and hardwood floors.

The pack includes a crevice tool attachment, a hose adaptor, a shoulder strap, a small brush attachment for handheld, an extension tube, a 18-ft power cord, and a quick release power cable.



This vacuum cleaner can be used in its stick form or as a handheld cleaning device, which makes it quite versatile and useful when you need to clean an entire house.

The 1.2-liter dust bin is large enough to accommodate enough dirt when you are sweeping the entire house, and, on top of it all, it is easy to detach and empty when it becomes full.

The unique filtration system relies on HEPA and a type of sponge capable of locking in all the small particles that would otherwise be released into the air.

This is a complete system, as it can sweep carpets, hardwood floors, rugs, and even furniture.

A few attachments are included, such as a crevice tool and a brush for its handheld version.



The latch keeping the dirt container sealed feels a little cheap, and it also snaps off easily, as some buyers indicate in their reviews.

Buy from for ($39.99)




Dirt Devil Power Air SD20505


2.Dirt Devil PowerCompared to the model we have showcased above, this one is considerably more affordable. However, it’s also more basic, as it can be used just as an electric brush.

The Dirt Devil features a lightweight design, a cyclonic filtration system and a low profile nozzle. It is said that it is the perfect alternative for people who are not keen on wasting a lot of time setting up their vacuum cleaner and then finally using it where they need to.

The Dirt Devil SD20505 can be utilized for hard floors, so it does not feature the same versatility as the one of the formerly described unit.

Nevertheless, this Dirt Devil model is definitely worth considering, since it has a one-touch bottom empty dirt cup and is remarkably easy to carry and use.

The manufacturers are offering a 2-year warranty on this item.

Even though it might not have gathered the same amount of appreciation as the VonHaus, the Dirt Devil has still received over 300 positive ratings. Most of its buyers state it’s fairly quiet.



This model is lightweight, at a total weight below 7 pounds; this makes it easy to maneuver and easy to store away.

The dirt cup empties through its bottom, and you only have to hit a button to make that happen; a great advantage is that you do not have to dirty your hands.

The 10 amp motor is powerful and helps with overall suction power that guarantees that you will have immaculate floors to enjoy once you are done with cleaning.

Another feature that helps with suction power is the Cyclonic Filtration technology that ensures that you will, indeed, be able to clean your floors well when you are using this stick vacuum.

The 20-foot cord allows you to clean a single room without a problem.



The handle is not particularly long, which makes this particular model not such a great choice for someone who is taller.

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Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik SD20000RED


1.2 Dirt Devil SD20000REDWell-known for their line of high performance vacuums, Dirt Devil applies the same standards to their electric brooms. This lightweight stick and handheld vacuum is designed to be easy and convenient to use, while still providing you with plenty of power.

The innovative “stick” design ensures that this electric broom is lightweight and easy to carry. You will also appreciate the 16 foot power cord that won’t restrict your movements, and its extended length allows you to clean larger rooms without having to stop and find another outlet nearby.

You will also love how easy this electric broom is to control, thanks to the two large smooth rolling wheels. What really sets this model apart is its 1.25 amp motor, which is designed to supply you with continuous suction power.

This allows you to easily sweep up messes on the first pass. There is even an onboard crevice tool that attaches to the handheld vac so you can easily remove dirt and crumbs from tight spaces.  

Best of all the Simpli-Stik by Dirt Devil comes at a price that almost anyone can afford.



This is a 2-in-1 combo that helps a great deal with all the cleaning since it comes with a detachable hand vacuum option.

The model is very lightweight, at less than 4 lbs, so you will find it easy to carry around and see about all the cleaning you need, even if you have a bad back or you are in your senior years.

The rolling wheels are smooth, and they will leave no unsightly marks on your floors, so they are a great plus for someone seeking a hassle free cleaning experience.

The model also comes with a crevice tool that will help you reach tight areas where dust bunnies have the bad habit of collecting even when you are religious about your weekly cleaning sessions.



When trying to clean carpets, you will have to pass over a few times to get all the crumbs out of the fabric, as some buyers mention in their reviews.

Buy from for ($19.99)




Eureka Easy Clean 169B


3.Eureka Easy CleanIt would have been impossible to leave out the Eureka Easy Clean from this list, as we have found it to be one of the most inexpensive models out there on the market. Granted, it might seem pretty basic compared to the products we’ve mentioned earlier on, but it still does what it is supposed to do and does it well.

The model is lightweight and easy to use. Compared to the Dirt Devil, this one works just as well on carpets as it does on hard floors.

The model measures 5.75 inches in width, 10.25 inches in length and 19.25 inches in depth. The Eureka Easy Clean weighs in at just 5.2 pounds, making it one of the easiest to maneuver units that are available today.

The manufacturers are offering a 1-year warranty on this product.

So, what did buyers have to say about this variety? Over 800 people have provided positive reviews on the Eureka Easy Clean. We came across the opinion of a consumer who bought the Eureka back in 2002 and has been using it for 13 years.



At 4 pounds, this is a lightweight electric broom that you will be able to carry everywhere with ease, be it that you want to move from one room to another, or climb the stairs and clean the first floor.

The brush roll can be switched on and off, allowing you to clean both carpeted areas, as well as bare floors.

The dust cup comes with a filter that can be taken out and washed when you want to do so, for more cleaning power and extended lifespan of the unit.

This unit serves as both a stick vacuum cleaner and a handheld device, so you will find it quite useful for more varied cleaning tasks.

The free-standing design comes in handy when the unit is not in use.



The soft rubber wheels may leave some unpleasant marks on bare tiles, and you will have to clean afterward, according to some customers who have already tried the product.

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