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Shark Rocket HV303 Review

Last Updated: 30.04.20


Main advantage


If you are looking for a lightweight and versatile electric broom, the Rocket by Shark might be the best choice for you. Weighing less than 8 pounds it is easy to carry, and this also makes it convenient to use. Its versatility extends beyond its ability to convert into a handheld vac. It will effectively remove dirt and debris from hard and carpeted floors. You can even choose between two storage options so you can keep the electric broom within easy reach.



Main disadvantage


Overall the reviews are positive regarding this electric broom, especially concerning its performance. Some consumers have noted that the dirt cup can be difficult to remove, and this can be messy and inconvenient. In most cases this is simply due to user error, and once the “release” button is fully pressed in this issue usually resolves itself.

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Main features explained


Lightweight and durable

One of the main reasons electric brooms are a popular choice with consumers is due to their lightweight construction, and this holds true for the Shark Rocket. It weighs less than 8 pounds so you can easily carry it almost anywhere a mess or spill occurs in the house. Even going up stairs isn’t a problem with this ultra-lightweight stick vacuum. Even though this is an ultra-light electric broom, it is still designed to last for years. Best of all it is backed by Shark’s limited warranty.



Its versatility makes this electric broom a good value for your money. The innovative “dust away” attachment and washable microfiber pad effectively pick up dust and debris of off hard floors, without leaving any scratches or other marks. When you need to vacuum carpeted areas all you need to do is use the convenient fingertip switch. For added convenience and versatility there are even two storage options. You can secure the electric broom to the wall mount for quick and easy access or simply attach the hand vac to the end of the wand. Even cleaning in hard to reach places aren’t a problem since the appliance wand can be easily extended. There is even a crevice tool for the hand held vac so you can suction up dirt and crumbs from tight spaces.



When you’re looking for an electric broom you want it to be easy and convenient to use, and that’s what you get with the powerful Shark Rocket. The fingertip controls make it easy to switch between hard and carpet flooring, which means you don’t have to stop cleaning just to change out the vacuum head. Since it comes with a 30 foot power cord you never have to worry about your movements being restricted, even when you are cleaning large rooms. This also means that you don’t have to stop sweeping, just to find another outlet nearby. When all of this is combined, you have the advantage of being able to finish cleaning faster.


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