Shark SV780 Review

Last Updated: 26.05.19




Main advantage


Thanks to the large motorized brush you can easily remove pet hair from a variety of surfaces, including stairs, upholstery and vehicles. Since it is cordless your movements aren’t restricted by a power cord, and this also makes it easy to clean up quick messes on the go. To ensure plenty of suction power it comes with cyclonic technology, which also keeps dust and pet dander in the vacuum. To ensure that this cordless handheld vacuum is always ready to go, it also comes with a convenient charging stand.



Main disadvantage


While the reviews regarding this cordless handheld vacuum are mainly positive it has been noted that the filter can be difficult to clean. For some consumers simply replacing the filter is an option, but the added expense doesn’t always fit everyone’s budget.

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Main features explained




Whether you are sweeping up spilled kitty litter, pet hair or dirt this cordless handheld vacuum has the power you need to finish the job quickly and efficiently. It comes with an 18 volt battery that is capable of providing you with plenty of power so you can finish the job before you need to stop and recharge it. To ensure everything is swept up the first time the SV780 also uses cyclonic technology. This will provide you with continual suction power that is strong enough to pick up debris on the first pass.



This cordless vacuum is designed to be easy and convenient to use, especially in small spaces. It comes with a lightweight construction that makes it easy to maneuver and lift up so you can vacuum chair tops and draperies without suffering from arm fatigue. Since it is cordless you don’t have to worry about finding a convenient outlet, and your movements won’t be hampered by an awkward power cord. The power button is conveniently placed on the handle, which is also designed to be comfortable to hold. Designed for convenience and ease of use, this might be the only handheld vacuum you will ever need.



Not only do you have the advantage of the cyclonic technology which effortlessly suctions up pet hair and other small messes, but this handheld vacuum also comes with a motorized brush when you need extra power. The large brush is designed specifically for removing pet hair from upholstery and other surfaces. While the motorized brush does require more battery power, it is well worth it when you see how effortlessly it is able to pick up small clumps of pet hair.

Keeping the 18 volt battery charged isn’t a problem, thanks to the included charger. It is designed to be easily mounted on a wall so this vacuum is always close at hand. So you know when it is fully charged there is a convenient indicator light on the front. This cordless handheld vacuum also comes with a convenient dust collection cup that is simple to empty and replace.


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