Shark V2950 Review

Last Updated: 26.05.19


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1.2 Shark 13


Main advantage


The Shark V2950 is named by many the best electric sweeper broom because of its outstanding versatility that allows the user to reach more problematic areas that are generally difficult to clean properly. The edge cleaning feature helps gathering the debris accumulating along walls, so you will manage to clean your house to perfection. The folding handle helps you reach under furniture and other nooks and crannies in your home, where dust usually accumulates, becoming a source of allergens.



Main disadvantage


As is the case with many electric sweepers that do a fine job at cleaning and offer great performance, one charge for this model may not be enough to clean the entire house. According to users, you will have to recharge the sweeper, in case you want to thoroughly clean every room.

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Main features explained



Ultra Lightweight

When you need to use a sweeper to clean around the house, one of the things you need from such a model is to be lightweight. Many buyers appreciate the fact that this model is so lightweight and easy to use, that even kids can use it. Actually, this is seen as a plus, since it is a sure way to convince your young ones to help around the house, without complaining that cleaning is hard. Weighing just 7 pounds, the sweeper feels ultra lightweight in your hand, and you will see about cleaning without straining your arms, as is the case with other models.

1.3 Shark 13


Edge Cleaning Expert

Usually, a sweeper is used for small tasks that will help you keep your house clean between routine vacuuming sessions. The Shark V2950 is much more than that, offering you something extra to ensure that your house is clean at all times. The edge cleaning squeegee is capable of capturing all the debris that gathers along the walls, therefore ensuring that your house is cleaner and the air you breathe is of better quality. Especially for people who suffer from allergies, being able to dust the entire house properly is important.

The Shark V2950 is a good ally for cleaning hard to reach places. The Backsaver handle folds with ease and lets you manipulate it so you can reach areas that are normally easy to tackle. Cleaning under the furniture becomes a breeze with this model.


Ideal for Floors and Carpets

For an electric sweeper, this model does a pretty swell job at cleaning both bare floors and carpeted areas. The motorized brush roll comes equipped with 13” path sweeps and it has two speeds, allowing you to clean any kind of surface you need. The debris, even the smallest type, is captured by the brush roll and stored in a dust cup that is easy to empty and clean.

It is a great plus to have a sweeper that can maintain both your hard floors and carpets clean. Between routine cleanings, you will have the best tool by your side that you can use for small cleaning tasks and solving unfortunate accidents resulting in a bit of mess.


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