SharkNinja Upright NV803 Review


Main advantage


Shark’s compact product is bound to make a long-lasting impression on any buyer who wants quality. It has many efficient systems that will get the job done in no time, one of them being the DuoClean Technology which is unique to this manufacturer. It means the machine has a dual brush roll system, which removes every speckle of dust from hardwood floors and carpets. Even pet hair will be picked up at impressive speeds.


Main disadvantage


If you take into consideration all that you get when you buy this product, its small downsides will seem like nothing. To point one out, a reviewer said that he has a large workshop which he has to clean several times a day and that the cup where debris collects inside the model is too small for what he requires. But if you are a daily home user, this shouldn’t bother you as it has a standard size like most items on the market.

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Main features explained


Clean house, clean air

What we think sets this product apart from a multitude of identical models is its anti-allergen technology or the Complete Seal as it is known. Additionally, it comes with a premium HEPA filter to double its efficiency, which is also very easy to clean or to replace if you have to.

It will trap most allergens from the air you breathe and trap them inside the vacuum. The manufacturer claims that it will clean the air up to 99% percent, which is a bonus for any consumer. This feature is great if you suffer from allergies and if you want to live a healthier life, or if you have a newborn baby who has an underdeveloped immune system.

Brushes and tools

Besides the brush roll, this machine also features a bristle brush designed to clean carpets, which are notorious for the fact that dirt gets stuck at the base of the fibers. But this tool is created to combat that, and too deep-clean any rug or carpet you might own.

Moreover, it also comes with a soft roll, for larger particles and to give a polished look to hardwood floors. If you buy this package, you will have a complete set of accessories to make your life easier.


Additional features

Just like any high-quality product that offers a lot for its price tag, this one too has many other features that you can take advantage of. The powerful LED lights on the nozzle, for example, lets you spot hidden dirt even under large objects, which is where most allergens and bacteria hide.

Other tools meant to aid your cleaning tasks are the extended under appliance wand, which allows you to wipe clean hard to reach places, and the fingertip controls. Additionally, you can easily switch from Hard Floor to Carpet mode in an instant by pressing a button.


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